Serena Williams And Tennis Coach Getting Close Filed In: Professional Sports,Romance 13


Yes, that’s Serena Williams above in the close space of the new, rumored man in her life, and this is not just any new white man in Serena’s life. The man seen above all up in Serena’s personal space is her tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou. It’s all kind of hilarious when you think about, you may recall Serena saying that she will not date anyone for 10 years and here you have Serena and her tennis coach reportedly dating.

Yep! Serena Williams’ and her tennis coach are together, according to reports. If you asked us the status of Serena and her tennis coach in if they are a  couple or just smashing…  it would be hard to say, but knowing Serena’s reported inability to maintain a relationship, we will go with door number two, just smashing.

One thing is for sure, Mouratoglou, Serena’s tennis coach, has taken coaching to a whole other level. They say that having a high level of tension when it comes to playoff mode in professional sports is good for the athlete, as it keeps them focused on the target of winning and the every move of the opponent. However, Serena would have us all thinking different as their is no doubt in our minds that she and her tennis coach have already and have been smashing between the sheets, and having a level of reduced tension with sex as the medication may just be what Serena needs to soar those tennis balls pass her opponent.

Via Yahoo!