North Korea Or United States Of America: Who Is Being Ignorant ? Filed In: Politics,Professional Sports 5


The United States and North Korea have been at odds for decades now, and the two countries have not had direct talks in solving their issues. The rise in tension only appears to be reaching levels that not only poses a threat to South Korea(the North’s neighbor), but also the world. On a recent trip to North Korea, Denise Rodman met with Kim Jung Un and made it known that the North Korean government doesn’t want war with America but rather constructive dialogue.

America makes North Korea out to be the bad guy with ignorant tendencies, but could America be the one with ignorant tendencies ? We have heard for the longest time of North Korea’s request to talk to the American government directly, but yet they are denied this but rather offered a six way talking session that involves other countries. America not talking to North Korea directly, is this the right approach ?

Go over to  USA Today to listen to Rodman speak on his trip and meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.