NBA Star Dwight Howard To Release Rap Album Filed In: Professional Sports 2

Dwight Howard is taking his funny on-court act to some hip hop tracks. Howard who is the Orlando Magic’s superstar center is following in the footsteps of some of his NBA associates like Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Tony Parker and more.

 The difference with Howard’s album compared his associates is that he is taking an comedic approach with his first and upcoming album, which is said to focus on the liking for children.  The album is said to feature several well known musicians such as Abraham Laboriel, Luis Conte, and Bruce  Springsteen. On the album, Howard will also show his impersonation skills by imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger, Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, and “Sir” Charles Barkley. Howard is serious about his rap game, the tracks that will be featured on the album has already been released, check it out:

Shoot for the Stars Tracklist:
1. Let’s Get it Started
2. All Star
3. ABC
4. Will You Be There
5. U Can’t Touch This (Howard Time)
6. Shout
7. Day-O
8. Get the Party Started
9. Jammin’
10. Whoomp (Hoop) There It Is
11. Shoot For The Stars