Lil Wayne Lies Again Filed In: Feuding Celebrities,Professional Sports 20

lil wayne

Lil Wayne is NOT banned from the NBA says the NBA. Lil Wayne has once again come out lying about his one sided feud with the Miami Heat organization. It was reported that Lil Wayne was kicked out of the Miami Heat arena for gesturing a gun signal to an unknown Heat fan, but the fading rapper says no, he says that he was kicked out of the Heat arena due to cheering for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Miami Heat says Lil Wayne left the Heat arena voluntarily.

Like an immature child not being allowed to get what he wants, Lil Wayne has been venting his unjust anger at the Miami Heat organization and threw insults at the three all stars of the Miami Heat, particularly  insulting Chris Bosh wife-Adrienne-telling a crowd of people that he f**k her. We can’t help but wonder how Drake must feel about this immature rant by Lil Wayne(his mentor)- as Drake often carries himself in a reasonable manner.