Kevin Garnett’s Trash Talk Hits Carmelo Anthony Hard At Heart, Anthony Waits For K.G. After Game Filed In: Feuding Celebrities,Professional Sports 9

carmelo anthony and kevin garnett feud

Kevin Garnett’s trash talk is known to get beneath the skin of his targets, but to get beneath the skin of an all-star to the point where that all star player decided to wait for Garnett after work is just unheard of. The Boston Celtics took faced off against the New York Knicks, and as always Kevin Garnett showed his passion for the game by targetting the week-links by spewing some NBA trash talk, this time it was at Carmelo Anthony. Anthony clearly week at heart could not fend off Garnett’s trash talk and send his series of insults matching to Garnett’s level of spew, so Anthony decided the best way to get at Garnett’s heart is to meet him after the game in hopes of a physical fight. According to Anthony, Garnett’s trash-talking crossed the line with Anthony, here is what he said:

“There’s certain things that you just don’t say to men, another man.

According to sources, the spew of Garnett’s trash talk that hit Anthony at heart is when Garnett reportedly told Anthony that his wife, La La tastes like Honey Nut cheerios. After waiting for Garnett by the team bus’ leaving port, and finally engaging the predicted NBA legend, Anthony along with Garnett began yelling at each other-shouting profanities and using the N-word multiple times. Security were able to keep the two players apart from making physical contact and both players finally went their separate ways. After the scuffle and aggressive word exchange, Anthony had this to say:

“We both have an understanding right now … that situation was handled.”

A look of Garnett’s trash talking at work….

Bleacher Report says Kevin Garnett’s legacy will be damaged by his latest altercation as the result of trash talking, but we beg to differ. Garnett has been known for his on-court(and sometimes off court) trash talk for a long time, and it displays passion and excitement in watching him take on his opponents. Those who cannot handle the trash talk and struggle to serve their own plate of insults can be seen as weak and be a continued target of trash-talkers. Garnett has always said that his trash talk are not personal but rather built on his passion for the game and as he gets in the moment.

The legaue not interferring on Garnett’s trash talking is the right thing- them doing so would be their control for the passion of the game. After all, Garnett is not hurting anybody, maybe just his opponents’ mind-set in the game and their ego. So we gotta ask, does Carmelo Anthony need to take a chill and not take things so personal ?