Dwayne Wade Slamming Another Woman Besides Gabrielle Union

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Delicia Cordon, dwayne wade's mistress

Could Gabrielle Union be this dumb and gullible to not see that her man is banging other women on the side ? When rumors circulates about a man cheating on a woman, it doesn’t necessarily mean its happening. But, when the rumors are repeatedly surfacing, its time to pay attention and do some personal investigation.

We reported before on Dwayne Wade allegedly having another woman on the side which he bangs when he gets that breathing space from Union, but it looks like Gabrielle Union and that second woman is not all Wade is burning all his off court energy on. The woman, Delicia Cordon, above according to Tattle Tailzz is running around with Dwayne Wade in secrecy like school children.

Wade allegedly has been doing something most men with respect and dignity don’t do, beg a woman to be with them. Yes, Wade is reportedly begging the daylights out of Cordon to be with him.


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