Carmelo Anthony Suspended By NBA For Acting Like A Thug Filed In: Feuding Celebrities,Professional Sports 10


Just days after Kevin Garnett hit Carmelo Anthony’s heart with some trash talk, and Anthony decided to meet Garnett by the Boston Celtics’ bus loading zone “to talk,” the NBA has laid down the hammer on Anthony for his school yard approach on Garnett, suspending Anthony for one game. The air filled with talk of a suspension since Anthony announced his decision to Garnett that he would see him after the game upon his ejection from his on-court feud with the NBA vetran. Carmelo Anthony being suspended for one game without pay is the right move by the NBA.

You can’t have professional atheltes in a coporate world who have been giving a chance at a life-time to financial security and a posh lifestyle destroying a league with their off-court ghetto mentality by confronting other players based on what happened on-court. Anthony may not believe he deserved to be suspended for confronting Garnett after the game, due to saying that he only wanted to talk to Garnett about the on-court trash talking, but what Anthony doesn’t understand is that trying to be tough comes with consequences on many levels, and if it was a conversation he wanted to have with Garnett, there are many less confrontation ways he could have done this.  Anthony shouting at Garnett after the game with Garnett reportedly firing back his expletive words was no way to have a productive conversation.

Here is what is being said by a respresentative of the NBA:

“There are no circumstances in which it is  acceptable to confront an opponent after a game.”