Beyonce Just Misses The Superbowl Knock Out Filed In: Events,Professional Sports 4


Now that would have sucked for Beyonce and prove to be a bad month for a narcissist trying to get the public spotlight shining bright on her as she likes it. One company that was sure smiling during the Superbowl power knock out was Oreo Cookie. Oreo received a free, clever Superbowl ad on Twitter that was launched by employees of the NFL.

Beyonce managed to escape the NFL power outage at the 2013 Superbowl which lasted 34 minutes. In case you weren’t watching, just when the Baltimore Ravens were gearing to driving the knife into the San Francisco 49ers, a power knock out at the Superdome shut it all down-allowing the 49ers to re-group, come to their senses and get their nerves under control.

The 49ers almost took the the win at the Superbowl too, when the lights went out, they were down by more than a dozen, and came up short just within points of winning the Superbowl. Final score was- Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Franciso 49ers.