Reports: Bill Clinton Is Dying Filed In: Celebrities,Politics 19

bill clinton

The rumor mill is rolling strong on Bill Clinton’s health deteriorating quickly and him being on his death bed, and Clinton’s unwillingness to speak publicly in smashing the rumors has the engine of the mill rolling over-time.

According to the National Enquirer(known for their lies), Clinton was spotted out with actor Kevin Spacey in London, England and appeared frail as he stepped out of a restaurant. Side note: above is the image the National Enquirer is talking about in Clinton looking “frail.” The National Enquirer says Bill Clinton has 6 months to live.

People! we need to stop with the rumors, and find something better to do other than creating and reporting on lies.  Above Clinton appears no different than has over the months and may appear a bit tired but looks great above while leaving a restaurant. Does that look like a man that’s dying to you ?