Bow Wow Has An Arrest Order To Think About: Arrest Order Issued For Bow Wow By Georgia Judge Filed In: High Profile Cases 6


Its news like this which makes us believe that Bow Wow is having some serious financial trouble.  According to reports, a  Georgia judge  has issued an order for Bow Wow’s arrest due to him failing to pay an outstanding  $100,000  bill for a tour bus company in 2009.  There’s More…

Kelly Clarkson Performs At Super Bowl XLVI Filed In: Events,Professional Sports 5

I will give it to Kelly Clarkson for her performance Superbowl Super Bowl XLVI in that she didn’t screw up the National Anthem, but despite Christina Aguilera’s screw up in her performance Super Bowl XLV  , Aguilera still comes out on-top of  Kelly Clarkson with her vocal range.

It was just lame in how  Kelly Clarkson  got a bunch of kids to sing along with her during her Super Bowl Bowl XLVI National Anthem performance.  If the NFL wanted kids to sing the National Anthem, they would not have attained Clarkson for the duty. Also, you would think Clarkson would take this time in showcasing whatever vocal talent she has to million of viewers than have kids help her out, drowning her out in the process. Clarkson’s National Anthem vocals  at Super Bowl XLVI were flat and nothing to talk about, but the sad thing is, I predict that Clarkson will receive rave reviews from the media on her Super Bowl performance only for the fact that she went through the  Anthem without screwing up. The reality is though, her vocals sucked.

Jordin Spark’s Virgin Promise Is Still Secured: Jason Derülo Unable To Break Jordin Spark’s Virginity Filed In: Romance 4


Jordin Sparks has long admitted that she is a virgin and still is despite being involved in a relationship with Jason Derülo. 

So, there you go fellas, you don’t have much to be jealous about when it comes to  Jason Derülo  dating Jordin Sparks, because Jordin has not given up her goods to Mr Derülo. Yes, you heard that right, Jordin Sparks  is not having sex with Jason Derülo.  If it wasn’t for Jordin speaking, we would have assumed that  Derülo is having all kinds of  fun in the bedroom with Jordin, turns out to not be so. During her recent interview with  Hoda Kotb, Jordin was  asked about that virgin promise ring she wore so proudly as a teenager, but here is what she is saying now about that promise: There’s More…