Will Smith’s Kisser Speaks, Says “He Just Wanted To Impress Will”

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Remember that clown of a reporter who tried to kiss Will Smith on the lips, here he is above giving his apologies to Will Smith while at the same time giving the most stupid explanation in his reason for trying to kiss the actor.

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In Case If You Haven’t Heard: Beyonce Is Back Onstage

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Just four months after “giving birth” to her first child, (Blue Ivy) Beyonce is back onstage shaking her ass before her gullible fans who will believe anything she puts before them.  Beyonce looking nothing like a woman that was pregnant and gave birth four months ago is back to the soothing hands of her fans who glorify her and give her all the attention she needs, something her money-aging- motivating rapper  husband Jay Z is said to not do behind closed doors.  Yeah, we didn’t say it, these are the strong reports. 

The alleged reports of Jay Z not paying Beyonce any attention at home has be known for sometime, but we can’t help but think that he may be lacking the throw down as well in the bedroom with a hot female such as Beyonce. Beyonce, 30, had a sold out show thanks to her obsessive and gullible fans. Jay Z, always thinking about filling his bank account and contributing as less as possible to society out of his pocket(our opinion)  without receiving something in return, wasted no time in jumping on Twitter to place his attention-seeking wife on a pedistal not even Michael Jackson(Best performer of all time) placed himself on before the public.    There’s More…

Will Smith Is Still Doing It: “Men In Black 3″ Smashes Box Office, Takes #1 Spot Over “The Avengers”

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You can still call him BIG WILLY, because he is still the king at the box office and the money maker of Hollywood.  Men In Black 3(MIB 3) starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin took over the box office with an estimated $17-20 million on Friday, and is expected to rake in a total of $75-80 million on its fourth day of release. 

In case you haven’t seen The Avengers, here is a sneak peak of the trailer below:

This is impressive seeing that the Avengers film is still going strong at the box office and that MIB 3 sequel took some time to re-make, risking the chances of people losing interest in the franchise, but when it comes to BIG Willy, the chances of him disappointing on the big screen is slim. Despite The Avengers still making the big dough at the box office, its power is not enough to hold off  MIB 3 as the agents of the sequel have knocked The Avengers out of the #1 spot at the box office. Anyways, all good things have to come to an end, don’t they.

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NBA Player Metta World Peace Calls His Coach A Fat A**

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metta-world and mike brown

Ron Artest changing his name to Metta World Peace makes it fair to say that the meaning of his new name has not been a reflection of the man. Metta World Peace has been a man of continued controversary with his on-court antics and since his NBA season has become a rap after being eliminated by the Thunder, Ron Artest Metta did a interview not too long after his team’s(Los Angeles Lakers) elimination from the playoffs dissing his coach, Mike Brown for his over-weight body.

Here is what Metta had to say:  There’s More…

Malika Haqq Displays On Fearless Magazine

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Well, if your someone that questions the reality show world, question no more as there is clearly some door clobbering which takes place from being in the reality show world. Its no secret that rising to the top in the entertainment industry requires doors opening up for one to achieve great success, well, being in the reality show world has really allowed Malika to attain the spotlight of those that matter. If your not aware of Malika, she is the female that we have come to know from her various appearances on the Kardashian reality series, specifically the Khloe & Lamar series, which is set to be cancelled in an attempt for Lamar Odom(Khloe’s husband) to revive his sinking NBA career.

And if you think you can’t get to Malika’s position, you better get some self-esteem, here is what she had to say:

No matter where you are, you must believe in yourself. Don’t quit! [...] Never…Stop loving you. Always…Tell them how you feel. Love…And learn. Give…Back. Smile…At a stranger.  

And you would not believe it, but Malika has a twin sister(in case you didn’t know) check her out after the jump…   There’s More…