George Zimmerman Had Broken Nose, Injuries In Trayvon Martin Confrontation… So What ? Filed In: High Profile Cases 16

zimmerman's injuries

George Zimmerman’s claimed reported injuries from his confrontation with Trayvon Martin was broadcasted last night on CNN as Breaking News story as news surfaced of him visiting a doctor who took a three  page report on his injuries, but really, what is all the excitement about ? Even if Zimmerman sustained injuries from an unarmed Trayvon walking with skittles in hand, does this make it right for Zimmerman to pull out his hand gun and shoot the teen killing him instantly ? 17 year old Trayvon Martin had his life slashed down by George Zimmerman(paranoid self-appointed neighborhood watchman) as he made his way through a predominant white neighborhood while visiting his father.    There’s More…

Did You Know ABC Anchor Robin Roberts Is Gay ? Filed In: Politics,T.V. Shows 16

robin roberts interviews president barack obama

Robin Roberts is gay  and as she made her way to interview President Barack Obama where she had the hint that he was going to reveal his support of gay marriage, its said that Roberts was not as excited as a gay person as she thought her sexuality would have been brought to the front of the issue as she is a lesbian.

Here is what is being said according to source as picked up by Gawker:

“Most of the discussions [among TV people] today about why Robin got the interview have to do with her being gay. Not that she’s black, or friends of the Obamas. Obviously they picked her because she’s black and gay. It’s hardly a secret in the business. I’ve seen her girlfriend. She’s around the building all the time—very attractive and well-dressed.”

Eva Longoria Reveals Her Feelings On Ex-Husband, Tony Parker Cheating On Her Filed In: Infidelity,Romance 16


Its been a while now since Eva Longoria had her heart broken by NBA player Tony Parker, and with time to focus on herself,  Eva is determined in staying positive and realizing that she is the catch many guys would love to have.

Here is what 37 year old Eva Longoria had to say since her then husband Tony Parker cheated on her:

“I am so secure in who I am. I really am! And I’m not conceited.”      There’s More…

Guys! Start Preparing Your Night And Day Game: Sofia Vergara Is Single Again ! Filed In: Romance 15

sofia vergara at golden globes

Yes, Sofia Vergara is right back on the open market. Reports are that Sofia Vergara has broken up with her boyfriend, Nick Loeb environmental businessman. Sofia wasted no time in telling friends that she is now single  as she attended a recent event in New York City.

Its not known specifically what caused Sofia to retreat back to the single market, but reports are that she had been arguing a lot with Loeb and that she was not ready to get married. Anyways, somehwhere there are a lot of  single guys jumping for joy right now.

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