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BET’s Response To Gun Shot Shooting Claims In Parking Lot And Altercations Filed In: Feuding Celebrities,Ubran & Alternative Music 11

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This year’s BET Hip Hop Awards provided the answers as to why it continues to be difficult for black people to over-come. In case if you haven’t heard, there was a scuffle between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, followed by a rumble between Gunit and Rapper Gunplay(member of Rick Ross’ entourage). During the night of all the altercations, added to that was reported gun shots  in the parking lot.  In regards to the altercations and the gun shot rumor, BET has released this statement:

To the BET Family: As you all know, the BET HIP HOP AWARDS 2012 taped in Atlanta, GA over the weekend. And while the show had many fantastic moments, including the much awaited cyphers and an extremely powerful tribute to Chris Lighty, the event was marred by a few incidents where talent and members of their entourages acted completely inappropriately. There’s More…

T.I. Displays What Is Missing In Black Families Today.. Filed In: Celebs On Mags 11


…unity and a present father figure. T.I. is far from the perfect man, but several things he does a good job in are being a present father and husband. The articulate rapper along with his wife and kids display that although a bonded African American family is often not present, it sure is achievable with hard-work, dedication and a common goal.

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Week After Break-Up: Chris Brown’s Ex-Girlfriend Karreuche Spotted At His House Filed In: Romance 11


Media outlets are fired up right now over Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche making her way back to Chris’ house just a week after their relationship ended, but we must admit, we are not surprised one bit over hear. This behavior exhibited by Karrueche is an expected one from a female such as herself lacking self-respect, morals, and dignity. However, Karrueche returning to Chris Brown’s house could be the result of many reasons, she could have been at Chris’ house to collect the rest of her things, to get closure, or to confront him on his latest comments where he confessed to loving two women, but we highly doubt these thoughts. There’s More…

Sarah Palin’s Very Thin Body Shocks Many Filed In: Hotness,Politics 11

sarah palin really skinny body 2012

Earlier we reported on Sarah Palin’s weight loss and there you have it above. It’s has been a while since we saw former governor Sarah Palin, and was it ever shocking to see her physical state above. Talk about thinning away. Not only is Palin looking like a stick, she looks haggard in the face, what happened to her?. Oh, but don’t tell Bristol(Palin’s daughter) this; with many showing concerns over Palin’s shockingly thin figure, Bristol had this to say to those concerned:

“ I think she is really fit,” Bristol admitted. “She is lean. She’s beautiful.”

What you think, is Palin in good shape to you ?