Ridiculous Looking Hula Hoop Bag Displays At Fashion Show

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Seriously, how crazy it that bag ? designer Karl Lagerfeld’s Hula Hoop bag got all the attention he hoped it would.  And No, the Hula Hoop fashion bag is not just for show, the over-sized Hula Hoop bag bag you are looking at above is actually for purchase and was presented as part of the Spring/summer 2013 fashion show. In case you are wondering why the heck a bag this size was made and where would be the ideal place to bring such a space consumption, here is what designer Karl Lagerfeld had to say:

It’s for the beach. “You need space for the beach towel. And then you can put it into the sand and hang things on it.”

So now our question to you…

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Chris Brown Can’t Make Up His Mind: Chris Confesses He Loves Rihanna And Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche

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chris brown smoking marijuana

Life is good for Chris Brown, he loves two women and they both love him back. Despite breaking up with Karrueche for Rihanna, Chris clearly still loves Karrueche and asked while riding in the back of a car intoxicated if it’s possible to love two people.

What are your thoughts ? Is it possible to love two people, or should one take their heart and focus on one person.

Jay Z Admiring The Team He Wishes He Owned

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The dream of admiring what we don’t have but want so badly is what keeps us going… Jay Z is the reminder of this. Jay Z looks on above at the Brooklyn Nets’ new arena he wishes he was part owner of with equal value.

Disgusting!!!! Canadian Supreme Court Rule HIV Carriers Can Keep Status From Partners

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There is ignorance out there, but the decision by the Canadian government giving permission to those carrying HIV to keep their status from those they choose to have sex with is just bottom of the bin ignorance. If you are Canadian and value your life, you might want to read carefully what is being reported, because there is no turning around an event should you have unprotected sex with a person carrying the HIV virus.

Here you have the government that is suppose to act as the parent for their citizens, but then chose to place the life of their people at risk by allowing those carrying the HIV virus to have sex with others without disclosing their deadly status. Yes, believe it people… the Canadian government is saying that as long as an HIV carrier wears protection- then he/she does not have to tell you about their HIV status. Just disgusting and a shame of the supreme court in not making a reasonable decision in protecting the lives of its people.

Here is what is being said for the decision being:   There’s More…