Toronto Raptors Hits Record High Of Wins Heading Into Post Season Filed In: Professional Sports 16


Who needs  Chris Bosh- the Toronto Raptors are progressing without him. The Toronto Raptors have taken a big turn ever since President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo who was demoted of his duties as the Raptor’s organization hired Masai Ujiri  as their new General Manager. Ujiri  made a few trades and as the Raptors began surging in the rankings Colangelo admitted to his desire of tanking the Raptors under his control…here is what he said:

Admittedly, I tried to tank a couple of years ago,” said Colangelo, who joined the Raptors in February 2006 after 15 years in Phoenix, including 11 years as the Suns’ general manager. “I didn’t come out and say, ‘Coach, you have to lose games. There’s More…

Kim Kardashian Denies 6 Hours A Day Spa Treatment Filed In: Reality T.V. 16


Six hours a day spa treatments is what this woman is said to be doing now.Kim Kardashian  seemingly is once again proving that she has no job, and is just a woman who has hit to lottery of Hollywood idiots and business owners looking to pay her a pretty penny to show her plastic surgery looking face at their establishment.

In case you didn’t know…Kim made her way to fame after a sex tape she created with R&B singer went public to the world. I have yet to see the tape, but I am told that it’s pretty bad…displaying a lazy Kim Kardashian that cannot perform. According to reports, while on vacation in Phuket, Thailand- allegedly, Kim had spa treatment for 6 hours a day. There’s More…

Kris Jenner Pimping Her Daughter, Khloe Kardashian Filed In: Romance 16


We know Kris Jenner loves money, and will do anything for fame, but is Kris Jenner pimping her daughter, Khloe Kardashian ? This is the talk going around… even in Kris Jenner we believe there is a limit with what she will and will not do for money. So, this is difficult to believe. But here is what is being reported over at  Tattle Tailzz  of Kris Jenner pimping her daughter :

French Montana doesn’t have enough money in his bank account to date Khloe. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Kris Jenner. Khloe is currently dating someone and it’s not French Montana. Kris gets 20% from anyone who dates her daughters.. and French Montana doesn’t have the numbers needed to date a Kardashian.

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Kate Upton Is Tired Of Her Big Breast Filed In: Celebrity Interviews 16


Yes, model Kate Upton,21, is tired of her breast being so big, the work in carrying them around has just become a chore.  The model admitted in a recent interview that on some days she wishes her breast were smaller. In a world where many women today are making their breast bigger- the news of Kate Upton wishing for a breast reduction has some people left wondering why wish for such a thing.

Upton’s rack is a 34D, which by the way is one of the primary reasons why she has become a hit in the modeling world and has garnered the attention of many men. Upton who is reportedly a size 10 figure recently said this of her 34D chest:  There’s More…

Kid Cudi’s crop top at Coachella Filed In: Coachella 16


Kid Cudi’s crop top at Coachella is getting a lot of attention, and it’s for a reason he may not like. Cudi performed onstage at Coachella 2014 in the above crop top seen on females.

There are even more increasing questions about Kid Cudi’s sexual preference. There are some things heterosexual men will not wear in protection of their sexuality-so many are assuming  Kid Cudi’s crop top at Coachella  is a show of his long sexual preference for men and wearing that crop top above might be his way of showing it without saying a word. So, the question- do you think Kid Cudi is gay ?