Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Guilty Of Assault: What Does This Mean For Chris Brown Filed In: High Profile Cases 23


The doors to Chris Brown’s freedom appears to be sealing shut even more. The troubled r&b singer’s bodyguard was found guilty of  a misdemeanor assault.  Chris Brown’s bodyguard- Christopher Hollosy has always said he is innocent in the Washington D.C. incident which involved 20 years old Parker Adams being punched in the face by Hollosy and allegedly by Brown. Hollosy claims Adams was trying to board Brown’s tour bus- and felt that  being Chris’ protector he had no choice but to deck  Adams to stop him. Adams claims this is a lie. The situation doesn’t look good for Brown, what is being said by a witness spotted over at  Sandra Rose:

Howard University student Jalen Garrison testified in the Hollosy trial that she and a friend were posing for photos on the sidewalk with Brown when Adams, who is her boyfriend, tried to snap his own photo with Brown.

Brown got upset, telling Adams, “I don’t like that gay s***,” Garrison testified. Brown lunged at Adams, hitting him the face, she testified.

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“Beyonce Has Elephant Ankles And Gigantic Arse,” Actor Repuert Everett Filed In: Celebrities 23


Yeah ,this so called  actor calls Beyonce’s leg elephant like. If you didn’t know Repuert Everett  before- know now that he is a real mental case and the reason why many women are so insecure about their body, and why there is a belief going around Hollywood and thrown onto the world that a bone-rack looking female body with a flat ass, and stick legs and a stomach displaying skeletal bones are sexy. Everett had this to say in a recent issue with “Event Magazine” about Beyonce’s body and some other well known figures in Hollywood… what he said:

I grew up with the idea of female beauty being delicate with long, slim legs,” he told the magazine. “Now it’s terribly ‘in’ for women to have these huge great legs with massive thighs. Rihanna  has them,  Kim Kardashian  has them,  Beyonce  has them, with her elephant ankles and gigantic arse,” he continued.  “I think it’s the reason these great big clumpy shoes are fashionable – to support these huge legs they all have.

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Lindsay Lohan Accuses Jennifer Hudson Of F**king For Movie Roles Filed In: Feuding Celebrities 23


Wow! This is as real and direct as a bitch can get in Hollywood. Hollywood is a place where back-stabbings are engaged in at a high rate, everyone smiles it up to your face, tells you how wonderful you’re, and the compliments keeps coming and coming to your face, but as soon as you turn your back- bam! The stabbings begin and everyone is up to their own agenda of trying to tear someone down behind their back.

Lindsay Lohan though is not one to give it to you only behind your back though- she will give it to your face-to-face, and that is just what she did to Jennifer Lawrence as she said this in an interview with Kode Magazine as spotted over at  Perez Hilton: There’s More…

Keke Palmer’s New Talk Show Deal Will Make Her Youngest T.V. Host In T.V. History Filed In: T.V. Shows 23


There is no secret that daily talk-shows bring in the big bucks, and comes with its many perks and celebrities are paying attention. The next actress to join the ranks of the day-time talk show ranks is Keke Palmer, 20 years old. Keke Palmer’s new talk show will be on BET- and the move in deciding to be a talk-show host will make Palmer the youngest talk show host in the history of television. It’s a pretty surprising move as we never expected Palmer to enter this arena.

Being that she is such a young actress, we thought she would focus and go more in-depth in her better movie positioning. Keke Palmer’s new talk show called The Keke Palmer Project said to be a working title will start in July and run from Mondays-Fridays. Palamer’s new talk-show is said to focus on the pop culture, sex, social issues and of course will feature celebrities. This all pretty cool on two levels- being the youngest television show host in television history, and being the boss of a huge platform at such a young age. What Palmer had to say: There’s More…

In Case You Haven’t Heard: P Diddy’s Dog Died Filed In: Celebrities 23


Yep, P Diddy’s dog died, and he reportedly is taking it hard like Miley Cyrus. Celebrities, they are so out of touch, and loves so attention so much it’s not even funny. Honey, the name of Diddy’s dog(above) looks to have lived a long life in dog years…and Diddy is saying it’s the saddest days of his life. I thought losing Notorious B.I.G was the saddest day of his life. In the photo he shot up to Instagram above- Diddy added this with his photo:

Today was one of the saddest days of my life. I said goodbye to my dog Honey. Who was always there for me. #RIPHoneyCombs love you and you are missed already.

And then this:

 GOODBYE MY FRIEND!!!!! #HoneyCOMBS RIP! To whoever has lost a Pet I feel your pain! I thank GOD for givin me a friend like you !