Serena Williams’ Curvy Body On Display Filed In: Celebs On Mags,Professional Sports 15


Many women will die for tennis super star Serena Williams’ curvy body and we must say- we are happy that she embraces it, especially in a place like the Hollywood Gossip mongers where  the machines tells women directly and indirectly that they need to look like twigs, because that is the new sexy. Well, it’s not…and men love a woman with curves, plus, it’s a much healthier look. On the latest issue of Fitness Magazine as spotted over at the Daily Mail  Serena Williams curvy body cannot be missed, and she touched on how she has come to embrace her assets, what she said: There’s More…

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Lamar Odom New York Knicks Next Big Man? Phil Jackson Contemplating Filed In: Professional Sports 15


Lamar Odom New York Knicks signing? if it happens- this is probably his last chance to prove himself as belonging in the NBA. We don’t know if this is a good idea though by Knick’s new president Phil Jackson to consider. Because how can a man who still loves his wife(as Odom) concentrate on his job when the woman he is separated from whom he still loves is running around with different men all hours of the night. Khloe dating French Montana  is said to be driving Odom crazy.  So, how can he focus on basketball right now… it would not be a wise move for Jackson in signing Lamar Odom to the New York Knicks. According to the New York Post:

TORONTO — Knicks president Phil Jackson met with former Laker Lamar Odom 10 days ago at the Garden during halftime of the game against the Nets, and now is reportedly considering signing Odom for the final couple of games with the team’s open roster spot. There’s More…

Vybz Kartel Baby Mama: “I Will Wait 35 Years For Him” Filed In: High Profile Cases,Romance 15


Vybz Kartel’s baby mama is not about to erase the Jamaican music artist from her mind just because he was  sentenced to 35 years in prison for murder. Tanesha Johnson is saying that she will wait 35 years for Kartel to be released from prison. If parole is granted after Kartel serves his 35 years- he will be 73 years old when released, but Johnson doesn’t care to wait that long for her man- here is what she is saying:

I will definitely be waiting, I don’t have any reason to move on,” Shorty told the Star. “I intend to stand up for my three sons and also focus on him [Vybz Kartel]. The kids are not 100 per cent, but I am trying to keep them focused. I am taking it very, very hard, but I am not going to give up. There is a God and I have hope. There’s More…

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Paul Walker MTV Tribute Heartfelt Filed In: R.I.P 15

The Paul Walker MTV tribute given over the week-end took us back in a place we didn’t want to be, sadness. We miss the guy so much. So sad to see him leave us so early-especially at an early age.

T.I. And Tiny Split Again; Divorce More Evident ? Filed In: Celebrity Break-ups 15


Once again, it’s being reported that a  T.I. and Tiny split  has occurred, and we can’t help but think that T.I. and Tiny divorcing may just be around the corner, because seriously- what good can there be in these two splitting up, getting back together so often as they do. It’s not known what continues to drive T.I. and Tiny apart, but if we had to guess- we would say that Tiny just maybe tired of not being able to have her freedom as the independent woman she once was.

Tiny was a successful woman before her rapper husband made a name for himself in the music business. She was a member of the R&B group  Xscape. So, again- Tiny is no stranger to being independent, and having that pretty much taken away from you to pretty much have everything in your life being dictated by a man- it’s not an easy order to step in line to. There’s More…