Soledad O’Brien Leaving CNN Over Failed Promises Filed In: News 21


Good for Soledad O’Brien, if recognition and chance is not being given why stay around with an organization where there is only pretending equality. CNN will have one less biracial person face working at their network. CNN would like us to believe they are all about equality just because they hire a few black people who are close to being black (light skin people), but we know better.

According to Global Grind, Soledad O’brien who heads CNN’s Starting Point is on the bounce to a foundation that will respect her talents and give her that chance she requires in proving herself as a prime-time anchor.

Soledad mistakenly thought that CNN was really going to give her a prime-time slot she was reportedly promised by the network. Ha! clearly all those white faces over at CNN had Soledad blinded by the reality of things in believing that equality exist. Unless you are a white anchor over at CNN, don’t expect to get a prime-time slot. .

Here is what is being reported as spotted over at Global Grind:

“Soledad had been told she’d get a prime-time slot, but that hasn’t yet  happened, and now she is telling friends she is likely to leave. Soledad is talented at producing in-depth, serious pieces  of journalism, and is a tough interviewer. That doesn’t seem to fit the  direction the network is going.”