McDonalds’ New Oreo Cookie In Cream Pie Looks Soooo Good Filed In: Corporations,Lifestyle 23

Are you already imagining the taste of this sweet pie in your mouth as we are ?

McDonalds has added another sweet tooth dessert to their line-up to top of that the end to that burger and fries. McDonalds has teamed up with the cookie giant giant we all love to create what looks like a mouth watering desert.

But sadly, the good-looking Oreo Cookie In Cream Pie by McDonalds is not available in the U.S. at this time, you will have to go to Canada to get a taste of this new pie by McDonalds. Yes Canada, this new Oreo cookie in a pie by McDonalds is available to you, so go get it and let us know how it taste.

Have you tried this new desert at McDonalds as of yet, if so, how was it?

  • Jen

    I was going to get the pie yesterday but they were out of them.D: