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A pregnant Jessica Simpson see no shame in saying that she only washes her hair once a week. Not only does Jessica Simpson not brush her teeth, washing her hair once a week  is another one of  the lack of cleanliness Jessica Simpson engages in. Yes, on top of  her not brushing her teeth, Jessica Simpson only washes her hair once a week. May we say gross! Lets remember that Jessica has revealed that she doesn’t like brushing her teeth due to the gliding feeling you get that gives us that good sense of cleanliness. Now Jessica confessed to us that she only washes her hair once a week. Yuck!

Here is what she said and her reason for washing her hair once a week:

“I think that the best thing you can do for your hair is only wash it once a week,” she said during her Lucky magazine December cover shoot. “If you clean your hair too much, it just strips down the natural oils.”

Well, we have to give it to her for being honest, but her confession is just nasty. Could you ever make out with someone that never brushes their teeth and only wash their hair once a week?  Jessica Simpson only washing her hair once a week, we don’t see how that crap load of hair she has on her head doesn’t start to itch or smell, especially in those summer months. Now that Jessica Simpson gave birth, you can’t help but wonder if she is going to practice her habits to her baby daughter.

  • GT

    If you wash your hair too much you strip it of its natural oils and then your hair dries out and gets split ends. Not only that but there are lots of toxic chemicals in shampoo that have proven to be harmful to a person’s health. Washing once a week is actually more then a lot of people do. There are people who don’t even wash with shampoo at all, instead opting to use alternative methods such as baking soda and vinegar, clay, eggs, and for people with very dry hair, conditioner only, Some people use just water to clean their hair, and some others use a wet rag to redistribute the hair’s natural oils. Really, the writer of this article is painfully ignorant of his/her topic and should have researched the subject before spewing out judgments that are both stupid and mean. Moral of the store? ALWAYS RESEARCH YOUR TOPIC BEFORE WRITING UNLESS YOU WANT TO RISK SOUNDING LIKE AN ASSH*LE

    • Gdog3

      Don’t buy the shampoos with toxic crap. There are natural products available. You need not go to a salon where much is still toxic and overpriced. Check out Whole Foods.

      Oils or no oils. The filth that gets into hair and mixes with dirty oils is gross. And yes, I remember when Jessica said she doesn’t brush her teeth.

      When you put your face, that hopefully has been washed before bed, onto a pillow that is oily with dirty hair grime, I would say that is gross.

  • AbbieCookson

    Ask anybody that has taken their State Boards for Cosmetology, Jessica Simpson is actually right about this. Besides, there are products such as waterless shampoo and conditioner that are intended to encourage people with longer hair not wash their hair as often. I’m not a Jessica Simpson fan, but at least I research things I don’t have a clue about, maybe you should too?

    • LA

      haha great comment. Only because you’re right. Some girls can be so quick to judge something that sounds “yucky”.. pretty sad, huh?

  • LA

    Actually.. Shes a smart girl.
    Not washing your hair for a few days at first is gonna be nasty..
    But after a week or so your head starts to minimize the oil production.
    At the end your left with softer smoother hair with less split ends than you would get washing it once a day. You should really try it..

    This might gross you out.. but doing it would be a favor to your body. Washing too often will actually get you to smell a lot quicker and its not healthy slathering your body in the poisonous stuff they sell in stores nowadays..

  • PrincesaMaria

    okay hasnt this girl already proven she is not the smartest chicken fish in the sea? lol