Ladies, Watch Your Man: Karen Marley Desires Only Married Men; Slept With Over 50 Filed In: Featured Post,Infidelity 13

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Yes, believe it, there is actually a woman with the intention in targeting only married men and she is not ashamed of it. Why you wonder, well, the plain reason given by Karen Marley is that married men are disciplined where as single men are not and are still into jumping from branch to branch. If you think Marley has a heart for all the marriages she has destroyed with her trampling around with married men, think again, this woman is ruthless- no heart and no sympathy for you.

And the kicker out of it all, the 45 year old Marley is not even looking to snag your man, after she is done having fun with him in the bedroom and amongst other things, she is just fine knowing that he is going home to you and possibly having sex with you the same night or day. Marley’s reason for no desire in snagging your man permanently, simply, she doesn’t want him blaming her in the long run for leaving you should things not work out between them.

Here is what Marley had to say on why she stays away from single men:

“I’ve learned that a single man in his 40s is single for a reason,” the buxom blonde from North Yorkshire, England, revealed. “Either he has no social etiquette whatsoever or he’s a player, just looking for his next wrestle.”

And she continues in saying:

“I’m the perfect mistress. I am never going to ask them to leave their wives for me. Most mistresses do, but not me. If I asked him to leave his wife, in every argument from then on he would say: ‘Do you know what I gave up for you?’ I don’t ever want to be part of that.

More from Marley:

“I don’t want to steal someone’s else husband for good, just borrow him for a while. I know some women will despise me. But I am not the temptress here. I am not the evil mistress or a home-wrecking b****.”

And Marley would have you know:

 “I know how to behave as a mistress – and I don’t just mean in bed,” revealed Farley. “I would never ring one of my married men at home at 2am or at the weekend because that’s their time with their family. I would never throw a hissy fit if they don’t spend Valentine’s, Easter or Christmas with me.”

Thoughts ?

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