How Is This Racist ? Tennis Player Caroline Wozniacki Impersonates Serena Williams’ Body Filed In: Featured Post,Humour 12

tennis player making fun of serena williams' body

Oh no, she didn’t ! Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki thought it was a good idea to poke fun of serious Tennis player Serena Williams’ body, and her impersonation turned out to be quite humorous over here. Wozniacki packed her Tennis outfit with towels to pull off some over-sized boobs and booty and we must say it’s quite hilarious.

With Wozniacki’s mocking Serena Williams’ body, some viewed her act as racist, we don’t see this and people need to take a break and stop crying wolf. Yes, black women are known to have beautiful, curvy  body with some serious junk in the trunk, but the ethnicity is not the only one with existing women with the bountiful figure, so lets all just relax. Wozniacki making harm-less joke of Serena Williams who is her friend should be seen for what it’s, a joke. Gosh, my how sensitive we have become.

People, relax. Not everything is racist.

Via Daily Mail