Question Of Whether Tamar Braxton Bleaches Her Skin… Filed In: Hotness 19


Tamar Braxton doesn’t bleach her skin, so lets stop the nonsense people. Ok, so I can’t deny it. Every time I looked at Tamar’s face, it all just appears so unatural to me and clearly many have been feeling the same way. Some are saying that Tamar did plastic surgery and bleaches her skin. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she did both, as when celebrities get bored with their life and money, they are known to do crazy sh*t like messing with what God gave them. But not Tamar, she doesn’t have the time to alter her face, here is her recent response to all those thinking she has gone under the knife and bleaches her face:

“I just want to know what time do I have to do that,” she told the site. “If you really think about it, we’ve been shooting ‘Braxton Family Values’ for two years and then in between that it was ‘Tamar & Vince,’ and now we’re back into production with ‘Braxton Family Values.’ So when did she change her face? I just think I grew up and I don’t look the same that I did when I was 19. I don’t think any of us do.”

Vince Herbert, Tamar’s big shot husband came forward saying:

“Actually, Tamar has the same thing that Michael Jackson had.”

What ya think  ?