Is Kim Kardashian’s Butt Real Or Fake? Filed In: Hotness 9

photo kim kardashian's butt

First off, I don’t remember it being this big.

I mean, look at Kim Kardashian’s ass as she walks on the beach with recent boyfriend, NBA player Kris Humpries, I am starting to think that this woman has done work on her ass to make it the size that it is. I am not saying no women’s ass can be that size, but as I really focused on the Kim’s butt, I just had the strong sense from looking at it that it might just be  a whole lot of butt injections.

I mean, it looks so hard, so perfect, and non bounceable. Having said that though, it does look hot but fake at the same time.  Kris Humphries must be having a lot of fun with that, if you know what I mean.

What ya think ?

  • Damian

    Shes hot but why did she ruin her ass

  • Sister

    Fake. Especially because of the way the skin is. She would also have more fat under her rear to support it.

    • Damian


  • Marcos

    Fake and VERY ugly.
    She has no talents whatsoever.

  • lisab

    I agree. When you gain you gain eveywhere. Maybe not get as big in certain places depending on your genetics but when you gain… you gain everywhere and when you lose… you lose everywhere and didn’t she just lose like 15lbs….yet the butt is bigger!? Come on now!

  • Jdfnjnvfj

    Definitely injected! Come on so the ass gets bigger and nothing else…no weight doesnt work like that!

  • Marie

    It’s fake. She didn’t have it before and not she does therefor it’s fake. You can’t grow butt. You can’t exercize on butt. Genetics and only genetics determines where fat forms and grows. Exercize only firms so if you have a flat azz you can exercize to firm your flat azz but it wont turn flat booty into fat booty. This is the result of fat injection probably taken from her thighs and stomach/love handle area and anywhere else she doesn’t want it. Fat injection doesn’t show up on x-rays but who needs x-rays when we have eyes. Her azz was not flat but regular for her size and not it’s huge. Fake Fake Fake