In Case You Missed It: People Magazine 2012 Sexiest Man Alive Is Channing Tatum Filed In: Hotness 19


Channing Tatum is People Magazine 2012 sexiest man alive, and that big smile clearly speaks on his thoughts in being selected. Being selected sexiest man alive always comes with critics, some believing the person selected is not deserving of the title and then those fully seeing why the person was selected. Ben Affleck is one of those over-the-top happy with Channing Tatum’s being selected sexiest man alive, here is what Afflect had to say about Tatum being the new sexy man for People Magazine:

”I think [Channing] is [deserving], and always has been,” the Argo star explained. “He’s a very good guy and an extremely, extremely sexy man.”

Wow! how times have changed, another heterosexual comfortable in calling another sexy… Afflect continued in saying:

“I mean, what else can you say? Have you seen Magic Mike? I think that said it all!” When asked if the actor finds himself sexy in any way, he responded saying: “I never really like pictures of myself,” he declared. “You know, at least it’s not horribly embarrassing, which is what I’m always worried about.”