Rita Ora Gets Movie Role In Fast And Furious 6

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Yes, expect to see rising pop singer Rita Ora in Fast and Furious 6, but not for long. The pop singer is said to be making a cameo in the franchise hit, and get this, Rihanna is said to have been the original cast for the movie role. What happened as to why Rihanna is no longer on tap for the cameo in Fast and Furious, we don’t know. But, this moment for Rita is just another chance for her to expand her presents before the world.

Here is what Rita had to say about her role in Fast and Furious 6:

“I never really liked cars until I saw The Fast And The Furious but  now I love them. It’s exciting because it’s the first movie I’ve ever really been involved in  so I’m excited that it’s a big one.”

And she continued:

 “I don’t drive because we didn’t have time for me to rehearse the  stunts. It was such a last-minute cameo that we decided that I would be more like  the  London leader of the pack – a cool little thing.”

Should be interesting to watch Rita Fast and Furious, and how she executes her role in the movie.