Lisa Raye’s Ex-husband, Former Premier Of Turks and Caicos Arrested On Corruption Charges Filed In: High Profile Cases 11


No one is above the law, but Lisa Raye’s ex-husband, Michael Misick former former premier of Turks and Caicos clearly didn’t get the memo. After being accused of corruption, Misick went on the run, and was hunted down and extradited back to the Caribbean islands to face the law.

Here is what is being said:

The former jet-setting premier of the Turks and Caicos islands has been arrested in Brazil on an international warrant.

Michael Misick fled the British overseas territory in 2009 after a report exposed widespread corruption.

The former prime minister is alleged to have amassed a personal fortune of $180m and lived a lavish lifestyle.

He was detained by Brazil’s federal police in Rio de Janeiro as he was about to board a plane for Sao Paulo yesterday and will now be extradited back to the Caribbean islands to stand trial.

Misick is suspected of corruption, misusing public money and profiting from the sale of government land to developers.

Somewhere Lisa Raye is either saying I knew it or it serves him right. After all things didn’t end on a dandy note for Michael Misick and Lisa Raye. Lisa Raye reportedly caught Misick having an affair with former 106 and Park co-host Rocsi Diaz.

Via Jamaican Observer