Beyonce Driving Keri Hilson Crazy ? Filed In: Featured Post,Feuding Celebrities 6


We can’t directly pin-point what internal feelings Keri Hilson is going through, but its difficult to ignore the thought that Beyonce has hit that nerve in Keri that is driving her up the wall. Its long been assumed that Keri is not a fan of Beyonce and why would she be, Beyonce is one of the biggest narcissist we know.

Since Keri Hilson’s refusal to acknowledge Beyonce, the loud whispers are that Keri Hilson has been blacklisted in the music industry by those top hit makers who give artist that chance at  gaining stardom and ranking high on the music charts. Keri Hilson has said that she has no issues with no one, but her uncommon rant(below), leaves us to believe that Miss Keri baby is having some serious issues. Here is what Keri jumped on Twitter to tweet to the world:

It’s TOO much!! Please! Is everything I tweet gonna be “intentionally  misinterpreted” as a statement abt someone/drama I know nothing about? You have  no idea what your hateful words could do to someone’s spirit. Years of verbal  abuse from strangers all day long. Enough is enough! I’m here for MY FANS! I’m  stronger than you imagine, but waking up/goin to bed to your ugliness is just  TOO MUCH, kids. I get it, ok? You can stop now. As far as WHATEVER ur really mad  about, I had my reasons. It’s been yrs! Just chalk it up to your ignorance of my  reality and LET…IT…GO. As for my mistakes, God has dealt with  me.

Who is Keri talking to, we may just never know but can assume. Don’t let her break you Keri… don’t let her!