Amanda Bynes Calls Jay Z Ugly And Tweets Photo Of His Face Filed In: Feuding Celebrities 9


Its not the first time someone has called Jay Z ugly, but it is the first time we have seen a celebrity calling Jay Z ugly publicly and launching an image of his mug to Twitter to prove a point for the public to take case in point. We don’t know what Jay Z did to upset actress Amanada Bynes, but it must have not been nice for Amanda to result to calling Jay Z ugly.

The thoughts by many in that Jay Z is not a good looking man is no secret. Many are pissed that Jay z given his looks landed a woman such as Beyonce, but as learned from child-hood and as a sign of respect, no one until now resorted to calling Jay Z ugly on the social tube. Amanda later deleted her historic tweet in calling Jay Z ugly, but not before a snap of her comments calling Jay Z ugly along with his photo was taken by Twitter followers.

Thoughts ?