So Now We MUST Ask! Did Kelly Clarkson Lip Sing As Well Filed In: Events 25

In case you have been stuck under a rock for the last few days, fraud entertainer-Beyonce has been under fire for lip singing her way through the national anthem. The reasons given for Beyonce lip singing are several, one reason given for Beyonce lip singing is that she was not prepared(did not rehearse) and the other is that it was too cold for her to sing, along with the worries she might forget the words to the national anthem.

So, we gotta ask, if Beyonce lip sing her way through the national anthem, could Kelly Clarkson who looked so comfortable with no discomfort at the lips by the blistering cold might have engaged in lip singing as well. Unlike Beyonce, Kelly appeared genuine in her performance and looked natural- but, we know the 2013 inauguration was filled with actors- so we can’t refuse asking did Kelly Clarkson lip sing at the 2013 inaugural as well ? Judge the video above and dropped your thoughts.