Is It Just Us Or Does Tamar’s Husband, Vince Herbert Appear Gay? Filed In: Celebs On Mags 12

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Just saying, because he is married to Tamar, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Vince Herbert  is 100% heterosexual. Sorry, we have to be brutally honest, Vince does look gay and is not the typical man that  a woman as Tamar would have the eye for, so we wonder, what does Vince truly have that is making Tamar stay with him.

Its Hollywood, so taking relationships seriously, especially the one as Tamar and Vince’s, its just difficult for us to believe that there is anything genuine about their connection. Vince looks gay and moves like a gay man, so there should be no surprise if he falls in that category in being one of those men to disclose to their woman(in this case Tamar) about their gay sexuality, resulting in an end to the marriage. When you look on a man like Vince with an attractive woman as Tamar, the questions that often comes to mind that cannot be resisted is, what is Tamar doing with Vince?  And with these questions comes the heat  which has been blowing Tamar’s way in that she is a gold-digger and is just using Vince for his business connections and influence.

Hearing all this from the public has caused Vince to respond in saying this:

“I love my wife. This girl is so far from being a gold digger. I wouldn’t be with someone like that for nine years,”

And Tamar responded in her own defense in saying this:

“When I met Vince I had my own house. I had my own car. I was independent.”

We continue to be skeptical of Tamar and Vince’s relationship and really see no future for these two, but the question is, how will their marriage really end, through Vince confessing that he is gay as we assume, or Tamar coming to terms that she is not attracted to the man but rather his business connections.

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  • Kim

    I also know that they are arranged marriages where in both parties agree to marry in order to cover-up the man being gay & the woman is promosed things in return. This was the case with Rock Hudson & many others. If Vince is gay he could have worked out something with Tamar where he will help her career & her role in return is to be his “beard.” In other words for Tamar to show that Vince is heterosexual so he doesn’t ruin his reputation in the industry. It still seems to not sit well I guess so they play it safe & play the part to look “normal.” As I said below many months ago, I’m not saying for sure, but I get a feeling. I guess it doesn’t matter but human nature being curiousity has got the better of me & I want to know. I guess it’s silly

  • Kim

    I really like the both of them. They both seem to have good hearts. It really doesn’t matter if Vince is gay, but what was strange is I found myself saying “is Vince gay” everytime I watch the show when he is on. I don’t say this to be hurtful of insensitive, but rather it just seems like I get that feeling. In the industry it is not unusual for a gay man to marry because they don’t want to disclose there true sexual preference due to there still being issues with being gay. I don’t care, but there are still others who feel different. I just think it’s sad to have to pretend & live a lie. It is bad for the soul. I found it interesting to find this article so I know others are getting that feeling as well & usually that speaks to what could be a high possibility. If I am wrong, then forgive me. I just wish them the best irregardless of what Vince’s preference is. I don’t think Tamar needs Vince to suceed as she has talent & connections due to her sister being in the business for 20-something years. The industry is a crap shoot. Not all talented people make it & as we have seen some without an ounce of talent do make it for whatever reason. I just know if Vince is gay this is not the first marriage to cover this up & it won’t be the last. Only time will tell. -K.B.