“African Americans Just Don’t Support One Another,” Nene Leakes

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Does she deserve to be on the cover or not is the controversial talk that has been going on since Nene Leakes(reality show star) landed on Ebony’s December/January 2013 issue. The uproar has been a heated one as to why Ebony Magazine would place Nene Leakes on the front cover of their magazine, but Nene is used to the backlash, and believes she deserved the moment. When asked by The Daily Beast if she deserved to be on Ebony Magazine’s cover, here is what Nene had to say:

“I absolutely deserve to be on the cover. This cover is about money, power, and respect. And it’s about a come-up story and I’m the one that had that story this year … Not only did I come out as a reality star that was very boisterous and vivacious and outspoken and all those things. I flipped that into money and respect. And a lot of people can’t do that.

And she continues:

“But listen to me, definitely all of the negative feedback definitely came from my own; African Americans were the ones that were the most negative,” she continues, adding, “And it’s so funny to me because I would call [the editor] over at Ebony and she would say ‘Girl please, glass houses. That’s all it is. They don’t want to see you on the cover, they don’t really understand the reason why you’re on the cover, they don’t know your story.’”

“It’s true and I know you’ve heard it a million times, [African Americans] just don’t support one another,” she says. “But it’s OK for you to go pick up a magazine cover with Kim Kardashian. She’s my girl. We are cool. We talk. We do drinks and all of that. But her story ain’t no different than mine. You know what I mean? I might’ve worked at the strip club, but she made a sex tape.”

Well, we support you Nene, and if you are a regular to Juicy Tings.com, you would have noticed this. One successful black woman is an uplift for the community. Go girl, do your ting. Don’t worry about the haters, their actions are only a wish to be in your position.