Kim Kardashian And Kayne Naming Baby North West Just Screams Attention Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 26

kim and kayne

North come here… where are you going North, ? North sit down…those are just some of the ways Kim Kardashian and Kayne may direct their child with the ridiculous name which they have selected. Whether Kayne and Kim are trying to out-do Beyonce and Jay Z’s Blue Ivy name, we would have to be able to enter all their minds and find the way in reading thoughts to get you the answer, but we wouldn’t kick it to the side for one minute that Kayne and Kim are seeking to trump Beyonce and Jay Z in the amount of attention they received when they had their first child.

Kayne once said his baby is not America’s baby, but what does he think such a stupid name as North will make his child out to be ? Kayne and Kim can expect their child to be the punt of all jokes to come.