Miley Cyrus Public Tongue Slinging Scares Fiance Away; Relationship Over Filed In: Celebrity Break-ups 18

miley cyrus and ex-fiance liam hemsworth

In case if you haven’t heard, another engagement bites the dust in Hollywood. It should come as no surprise to many of singer Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth relationship ending. Some outlets are reporting that Hemsworth had enough of Miley’s un-lady like behavior in public, and that their relationship ending was him pulling the plug. Then there are other reports stating that it was Miley who dumped Hemsworth after she spotted sex text messages on his phone to actress January Jones.

After her  embarrassing VMA’s performance, It was rumored that Miley was walking a very thin line with Hemsworth, and if you ask us, this may just be more of a reason in her pending marriage to the actor ending. Representatives for Miley and Liam confirmed the two are no longer together, and it looks like Hemsworth has already upgraded to a better woman.