Lamar Odom’s Alleged Mistress Filed In: Celebrity Break-ups,Infidelity 17

lamar odom's mistress

Typically most women are in denial when they hear of news that their spouse has been cheating on them with another women. We suspect that this is the case with Khloe, but with all the details circulating, we would like to think that she is coming to her senses. After all, Odom is an athlete.

Khloe should have known that the consequences and percentage in settling with a professional athlete that is loyal is not good, but still we expect her to be balling her eyes out that her husband reportedly has been cheating on her with the woman above. It will sting Khloe even more that the women Odom has allegedly been between the sheets with looks better than her. It’s one thing for your partner to cheat on you, that hurts, but what adds pain to the infidelity is when you find out that the person he/she has been cheating on you with his hotter than you. Khloe has surely received the memo, and it must still be stinging her right about now.

Via Tattle Tailzz