Justin Bieber Had A Ting With Rihanna ?

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Above is what reportedly kicked off the Justin Bieber and Rihanna ting.

Really though ? we have some doubts, but Rihanna’s movement has us swinging more to the belief that she may just have displayed her bedroom skills to Justin Bieber that drove Selena Gomez up the wall. According to reports circulating strongly, Justin Bieber was dumped by Selena Gomez, because he cheated on her with Rihanna.

We lost track in the list of women Justin has been linked to that reportedly ultimately leveled his two year relationship with Selena Gomez. On Justin’s alleged affair with Rihanna, here is what is being said according to a friend on Selena’s feelings when she heard the news:

“It has devastated her,” a friend of Selena and Justin’s reveals in the new issue of Life & Style. “It really cut like a knife because it happened in February of 2011, when Selena and Justin had been dating for months and were falling in love. It’s caused Selena to question their entire relationship.”

And if you had hopes of Justin confessing his moment of infidelity with Rihanna, here is what is being said:

 “Justin would never admit to it; he would never tell anyone he messed around with Rihanna.”

Can Rihanna be so nasty in being a home-wrecker ?

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