In Case You Haven’t Heard: Khloe Kardashian Filed Divorce On Lamar Odom Filed In: Celebrity Break-ups 15


Yes,  Khloe Kardashian has filed for divorce  against NBA player and alleged drug addict Lamar Odom. It appears that Khloe came to her senses after  Lamar shot up his “rapping skills”  to the Internet where he publicly humiliated Khloe by professing to cheating on her. After that Khloe was spotted not wearing her wedding ring, and now come the divorce papers between Lamar and Khloe. If you think Odom is being an mature adult about his divorce proceedings with Khloe, think again. First Odom blames his friends for his infidelities reportedly saying they:

supporting me the wrong way by bringing girls around

For the record, as a male, I am telling you this… no man can convince another man to cheat on his woman. A man cheats on his woman because his interest remains on hunting what he thinks is an adventure in capturing what he views as a challenge, which he pins as intriguing and when he has accomplished these things- he moves on to his next adventure. Despite the belief by many females, not all men are cheaters- I am one of them- I have never cheated on a woman, and I never had the urge for the relationships I have been in. Yes, ladies there are some men who want what you want…loyalty, dedication, romance, joy a future and family. As the divorce with Odom and Khloe takes place, Odom does not shy away from also blaming Khloe- here is what he reportedly said according to TMZ:

I can’t be f**kin’ with Khloe.  She brings out the bad side of me.


Khloe apparently hasn’t given up on black men. The news is that Khloe and MLB player Matt Kemp are dating. Could Khloe have moved on this fast from Odom ? We know the Kim spread her legs with no hesitation(allegedly), but could Khloe be this nasty and cold at the heart as well to just dash her feelings to the side for the man she has been with for years in getting with a new man immediately? We  hope she has some respect for herself.

  • Kia

    I was hoping they had worked out.


    Im glad she moved on but if she messing with Matt that was pretty fast!