Will And Jada Smith Looking For Different Method Of Parenting Willow And Jaden ?

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will and jada smith

Will and Jada Smith are always smiling big for us, but behind those smiles are reportedly some tough moments for the married couple allegedly in their marriage and raising their children. It seems like that freedom thing for Will and Jada Smith when it comes to raising their children is not working. Unlike most parents, Will and Jada believes that the appropriate way in rasing children is to give them freedom to the point where they essentially police themselves on their own negative action. Will and Jada go so far in allowing their children to wear the most outrageous attire, and chop their hair off in any which direction they please. A big no, no for most parents. Reportedly seeing that their children, Jaden and Willow are loose canons, Will and Jada are said to be ready to put down their feet.

With Willow walking around with outrageous hairstyles and looking like a street kid, talks are that this is one of the reasons in Will being ready to do some serious parenting. As for Jaden, not too long ago he had a moment on Twitter where he freaked out on someone who dared to mess with one of his fans.

The questionable actions by Willow and Jaden displays a big hole in the parenting system Will and Jada so believed is the paradise of parenting, allowing children to have their freedom and policing themselves. Now, since the embarrassing, wreckless actions of their children, according to the National Inquirer, Will and Jada are looking for some new method of parenting. Here is what is being said ACCORDING to the National Inquirer:

Will and Jada have done everything in their power to bring up strong, independent children but now they feel that maybe they gave Willow and Jaden too much freedom. They’ve had major arguments about how to best raise their children and even sought out professional advice. Together, the couple devised a ‘boot camp’ regimen to improve the kids’ behavior.” Should they have tried to get a handle on the situation sooner? You know, before Willow was walking around looking strung out, wearing a jacket that had “I hate everybody” scrawled in marker across the back of it? The longer you let kids rebel the harder it’s going to be to get a handle on the situation and I have to think that they have a real problem on their hands now!

Gossip Cop is saying the above mentioned by the National Inquirer is not true, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Will and Jada to think about different parenting methods as Willow for sure seems to be crying for help by way of her questionable actions.