Wendy Williams Being Sued For Being “Ungrateful”

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Yes, really. I guess she is not the appreciative woman we all thought she was.

Wedding  Williams who is currently a contestant on the Dancing With The Stars, is being sued by a concert promoter who claims that Wendy was paid $25,000 to appear at an Atlantic City resort venue just to mingle and have a good time, but she did neither of these things. According the promoter, Wendy was ungrateful, she never mingled with guest much and both her and her husband is said to have been whining wanting to leave event. 

On the lawsuit filed, Wendy was suppose to make a 2-hour appearance at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort but the suit claims that she left after an hour and did not attend to the stage as agreed, but instead went to a cabana. The lawsuit went on to say that Wendy disappointed her fans who attended the event expecting to see her hosting the party and onyl made demanded liquor during her time at the event. 

It doesn’t even stop there, its also claimed in the lawsuit that Wendy and her husband wanted to be left alone while they consume their liquor, all this for an event where she was reportedly paid to socialize with fans and guest.  How hard is this and why are some celebs having difficulty doing such an easy task. Being paid to drink, talk, and eat  is a pretty good gig, but yet Wendy according to a concert promoter could not do this successfully, and so they want some dollars from their launched lawsuit for a horrible night provided by Wendy.

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