Sandra Bullock Meeting With Jessie James And kids for the Holidays Filed In: Celebrities 11

Ahhhhh, not sure about this…

Sandra Bullock has agreed to spend the holidays with her ex cheating husband Jessie James, reportedly for his three children, so she can give them that special time and to allow her adopted child in building a relationship with his children. WTF, she is not even their biological mother, why would she go to this length. Why not see them after the holidays and allow this time for the biological mother to be close with her children. We wonder if this is an opportunity that Sandra is taking advantage of in seeing Jessie.  Getting close with the ex so soon is never a good idea, love can make you do the most stupid thing at your most vulnerable state.

Here is what a source has said:

Sandra Bullock is planning to spend the Christmas holidays in Austin, Texas with [Jesse James]. And it’s all for the benefit of her adopted son, Louis, and Jesse’s three children, Chandler, 14, Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 6. she’s agreed to allow Jesse to come, as well…Sandra wants to make sure Louis grows up knowing Jesse’s children, so she is willing to put the past behind her for the sake of the kids. Sandra knows that having Jesse’s family in Louis’ life is good for him…so she’s opening her home and her heart to the children, inviting them to visit at Christmas time.”

What she  is doing is seems to be in good will, but it is not as if Jessie is the biological father of that child she has. There is just something fishy about this holiday connection.

What you think about this?