Kayne West Losing Millions On That Yeezus Over-The-Top Tour

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Yes, Kayne West’s over-the-top creative tour is losing money. Surprising see that there has been so many great things said about the creative thoughts put into the Yeezus tour like no other tour by a hip hop artist. However, guess the consideration has to come to mind that Kayne West is an arrogant, ignorant person who sees everyone beneath him, and feels that we should all bow at the snap of his fingers.

Seeing Kayne lose his cool on radio stations in speaking nonsense is enough for people to no show up to his concert at a consistent rate to even him out in the financial department. Also, having Kim Kardashian as his baby mama has not done well to Kayne’s career, hence the next possible reason for the lost in millions to his Yeezus tour. What is being said of Kayne’s Yeezus tour via  Rhymes With Snitches:

Currently his tour is losing millions of dollars a week.Kanye’s ticket sales have been awful. He is averaging 50% ticket sales and that includes sellouts in bigger markets like Los Angeles. When your audiences don’t even fill the floor seats and the rest of the arena is empty you are in big trouble.


  • Datzhott

    Kanye is a psycho

  • Tremayne Cooks

    Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end

  • spilldabeanz.com

    Good for his ass!! Learn to humble yourself…

  • Kia

    Good. He needs a humbling experience.