Does Blogger Perez Hilton’s Baby Have Down Syndrome ? Filed In: Celebrities,Celebrity Pregnancies 8


When gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton announced to the world that he is now a father, we were shock as we cannot imagine Perez as a person to be in the position of parenting. Above, Perez poses with his child, after taking a close look at the child, it appears to us that Perez’s child has Down Syndrome.

If Perez did come forward in addressing that he does indeed have a child with down syndrome- we haven’t heard anything. Are we seeing things, or does Perez Hilton’s baby above looks like a child with Down Syndrome ?

  • @Lovinrain

    To all the insensitive ppl that left negative comments about Perez having been dealt a bad hand because his baby has Down syndrome….kick rocks!!! How dare you???!!!! All children deserve love! ALL of them. So shut the hell up with your evil – cruel responses! Congrats Perez!!! Your new son is a blessing!!!!!

  • dchwilson

    Totally down like syndrome

  • Sandra

    I thought i was the only one that felt like that… I think the baby needs genetic testing. As the baby gets older, the signs are there that he has something wrong with him..

  • alyssa

    “Perez has been dealt a bad hand” You’re a fucking dick.