Chris Brown Thinks The Best Way To Be Seen Positive Is To Talk To Cops About Frank Ocean Fight Filed In: Celebrities 30


Well, it appears that Chris Brown has a grown up a tad. Since the feud with Frank Ocean that all reportedly started over a parking spot, and has placed Chris in a negative light as suspected, Chris is said to be ready to talk to police about the incident.

Because of his troubled past, anytime the public hear of Chris Brown being in a fight, many immediately jump to conclusion in thinking that Chris is the instigator, so therefore, knowing this, it would not be surprising if those who are feuding with the troubled R&B singer would take advantage of the situation by trying to place the ignition of a feud on him. Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos is said to have already made a request on behalf of Chris to the police saying that his client is ready to provide details of the incident as he knows Chris was not at fault. Frank Ocean jumped on Twitter saying that Chris is the aggressor, and reports are that police see Ocean as the victim.

Well, Ocean is about to be put on deck as a liar, because Geragos reportedly has video surveillance showing Chris standing at ease. With all the problems surrounding him, it would be wise for Chris to have his bodyguards with him 24/7 and a wise mouth by his side at all times, because with his record, there will always be someone looking to trap him into trouble.