Chris Brown Suggest Kayne West Is Gay Filed In: Celebrities 20

chris brown

Even when no one is talking smack about him, Chris Brown has to find a way of creating negative heat on himself. You may think that Chris beating up Rihanna is the dagger that stalled his career in rising to the level it was once at, and it’s partly we must admit, but its been years now and Chris’ career has now rebounded and he is to blame as he kills it slowly by spewing ignorance on whatever social network he can find or in public.

In a recent performance conducted by Kayne West for Hurricane Sandy relief, Chris jumped on a blogger’s page according to Tattle Tailzz and called Kayne wearing a kilt as suspect. What an ignorant idiot. First off, as a music artist, you would think Chris would better understand music as an art form and would recognize that just because a man wears a kilt this does not identify his sexuality as having interest in another man as Chris apparently is suggesting. If only Chris spent more time focusing on being a good person as he does in acting like an ignorant fool.