Rihanna Taking Year Long Break From Music

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Rihanna is long due for a break from music, and she will soon take it. In 7 years, Rihanna has pumped out 7 albums and essentially has been going non-stop, but here is what Ryan Seacrest is saying of Rihanna’s pending break from music:

“She’s been in this go mode for a while. Seven hit records in seven years. Sold-out tours, but sources say after this tour wraps, she plans to take up to a year off to unwind.”

And good for her…she can really use the break. Not only will Rihanna be well rested if she takes a one year break from music, but maybe, just maybe she will re-collect her thoughts and see that there is no sensible grounds in being with a man who has no interest in growing up and will always over-shadow her career, life and relationship with his continuous negative actions.

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