Kelis Visits David Letterman For New Album Filed In: T.V. Shows,Ubran & Alternative Music 25


You may think that’s a transsexual above, but believe it or not that is Kelis, a one hit wonder r&b artist and baby mama to raper Nas. Kelis visit the David Letterman show to promote her new album Food with a performance.Check out the boring performance below…

Pharrell Williams Supports A Dark Skin Woman This Time Round For Album Track Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 24


Bam! don’t you dare say singer Pharrell Williams doesn’t embrace black women, the dark skin ones, because he went and found the darkest woman he could find for the cover of his Marilyn Monroe track. Pharrell was under scrutiny  for electing to place a whole bunch of light-skinned females on the cover of his Girls album- leaving many to believe he is not in favour of  dark-skinned women. Pharrell’s argument was that one of the ladies on the cover was indeed black, but many in the black community didn’t see this woman as completely black as she is biracial.

We think Pharrell missed the point of what the black community was saying- which was…what happen to the support of the dark skin sistas. Pharrell believed that having a light-skin female on the cover of his “Girls” album is the same as placing an evident dark-skin women on the cover…it’s not and we believe he came to his senses. (more…)

Jay Z’s Second Week-end At Coachella: Why Is Jay Z Still Performing ? Filed In: Coachella,Ubran & Alternative Music 22

Jay Z’s second week-end at Coachella went down over the week-end. Many were surprised that Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce showed up for another weekend at Coachella 2014. Clearly these people don’t know Jay Z and Beyonce. I don’t know how people can listen to this dying, boring crap Jay Z continues to deliver.

There is no passion in it, and his performances today appear so forced. It’s clear that Jay Z’s time is up, but like a senior- we don’t expect him to change or want to call it a day. Jay Z’s second week-end at Coachella in performing was far from moving- his performance was flat, boring, passion-less with the same old damn routine over, and over again. Guess with age though this is expected. Jay Z is after all almost 50 years old, so we shouldn’t be too hard on him. Being inventive close to 50 is not really on the mind of this. So we see why Jay Z’s second weekend at Coachella in performing is as boring as ever, and why he chose to swipe Kayne West’s Bound 2 video creativeness.


Mr Vegas New Tune: Selfie / Squat Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 21


One thing about Jamaica which it cannot be denied of is its trend-setting ways. Although the country often doesn’t get its deserved credit by hip hop and r&b artist for the dance moves they take from the island and try to make it as their own- dance-hall artist like Mr Vegas continue to bring the latest swing with no problem. Check it out above.

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Beyonce and Jay Z Motorcycle Riding Mirrors Kayne And Kim’s Bound 2 Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 18

Beyonce-and-jay Z-motorcycle-riding

Beyonce and Jay Z motorcycle riding on a production set has many calling this latest attention-seeking move as a copy cat of  Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West’s Bound 2  music video. Beyonce and Jay Z’s motorcycle riding is no doubt a copy of Kayne’s Bound 2, but we know the stans out there are already saying otherwise. Beyonce wearing a wedding gown on the motorcycle as she holds onto Jay Z like an in-love couple leaves many to question what the deal is here. Jay Z, almost 50 years old and Beyonce, always looking for public attention appears to be struggling now-a-days in staying relevant, so they seem to be taking spotlight ideas of other people in staying in the lime-light. Check out a second image after the jump of these two clowns…. (more…)