Beyonce and Jay Z Motorcycle Riding Mirrors Kayne And Kim’s Bound 2 Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 18

Beyonce-and-jay Z-motorcycle-riding

Beyonce and Jay Z motorcycle riding on a production set has many calling this latest attention-seeking move as a copy cat of  Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West’s Bound 2  music video. Beyonce and Jay Z’s motorcycle riding is no doubt a copy of Kayne’s Bound 2, but we know the stans out there are already saying otherwise. Beyonce wearing a wedding gown on the motorcycle as she holds onto Jay Z like an in-love couple leaves many to question what the deal is here. Jay Z, almost 50 years old and Beyonce, always looking for public attention appears to be struggling now-a-days in staying relevant, so they seem to be taking spotlight ideas of other people in staying in the lime-light. Check out a second image after the jump of these two clowns…. (more…)

Nicki Minaj’s Mother Gospel Music Movement Is Real Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 14


Nicki Minaj’s mother gospel music movement is no longer a dream, but rather now reality. It must be nice to have a wealthy daughter- there is no need to knock on doors to make your dreams come through- the doors are already wide open. Nicki Minaj’s mama- Carol Maraj jumped in the recording studio and knocked a gospel track through the mic.

It’s not easy for an artist in getting strong air time for a gospel track, but we guess Nicki Minaj’s mother gospel tune, called God’s Been God will reel in the attention. Not feeling the track… you can listen to it over at  The Urban Daily. Gospel music are hard sellers, but count on Nicki’s mother to make it happen.

Beyonce Trips On Way To Stage Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 11


As vain singer Beyonce Knowles was walking up a flight of stairs probably checking every cranny of how she looks ended up tripping to the stage. Fans knowing what Beyonce needs in feeling better gave her a cheering applause to keep her feeling like she is the best. Can’t see the video ? Go over to You-Tube

Pharrell Williams’ Boring, Non-chilling Performance On SNL Filed In: T.V. Shows,Ubran & Alternative Music 6

Singer and music producer Pharrell Williams is still walking around with that hat….milking and milking it for attention.

Pharrell was on SNL yesterday performing his popular tunes…what a yawner it was. Pharrell’s songs might be catchy but his performances are sooo boring.