Fantasia’s Drunk Ass Turns Kandi’s Wedding Sour Filed In: Celebrities,Troubled Celebs 9


Fantasia’s outburst at Kandi’s wedding and  Kandi’s mother’s behavior  may just be the highlight of the singer’s big day, not her  “beautiful wedding dress” and the new venture in her life. There are just some friends you cannot take anywhere because they don’t know how to act in public, in a social, upscale setting,  so it’s always wise to leave these friends out on the important days in your life and keep them at distance. Fantasia appears to be one of those friends Kandi Burrus miscalculated on by inviting the loud mouth singer to her wedding.

There has been increasing whispers on what Fantasia did at Kandi’s wedding, and it was nothing to put smiles on the faces of anyone but rather shock and disgust. Sherri Shepherd  of The View have been giving hints that Fantasia was out of order at Kandi’s wedding, but wouldn’t say due to confidentiality agreement. But, the National Enquirer appears to know what happened and they are not known to hold any secrets- spotted over at  Radar Online- here is what is being said: (more…)

Troubled Chris Brown Transferred BY U.S. Marshall To Washington D.C. Filed In: High Profile Cases,Troubled Celebs 4


Chris Brown is in a world of hurt- no Karrueche Tran, Rihanna, nor freedom or mercy is being given to the R&B singer as he is being transferred to from one jail to another. Chris is being transferred to Washington D.C. accompanied by U.S. marshals all because of an determined attorney in Washington D.C. looking for bragging rights in being the first to lock Chris Brown away for a long-time.

Chris’ reluctantly moon-walked his butt in jail after it was determined that he broke his probation by allegedly engaging in inappropriate behaviors in rehab which got him kicked out. Chris has been in jail for last few weeks due to his pending case in Washington. Federal marshals were called in to escort Chris to Washington D.C. to face charges there where he allegedly is charged for punching an unknown man in the face. (more…)

Bobbi Kristina Explains Wearing Two Different Pairs Of Shoes Filed In: Troubled Celebs 31


Holy crap! the woman seems to be so out of it that she apparently cannot even get one of the most important thing that is sacred to women together- the shoe game. But, don’t you dare say Bobbi Kristina is losing it, is on an  anorexic  path and so high out of her mind that she is oblivious of her surroundings.

She is fine just like that singing career she has been talking about. She is fine just like that acting career she has been talking about. Whatever, Bobbi is drinking- it must be really good and it’s a wonder why she is not sharing. The reason for having two different pair of shoes on her feet, Bobbi Kristina’s reason is this:  (more…)

Troubled Chris Brown Will Buy His Way Out Of Jail If He Must Filed In: Troubled Celebs 21

Chris Brown Court Appearance

Money brings power- there is no question, and Chris Brown is about to prove this as it has been proven so many times in the history of the human race. If Chris had issue with a man getting too close to him whom he punched in the face- just imagine the level of discomfort he would feel in prison surrounded by hundreds of men. How much energy would he have to fight them all away ?

Clearly not much, so knowing that there is a high possibility for him to go to prison for violating his probation- Chris is believed to have given his lawyer Mark Geragos the go ahead in brokering a deal with the man he allegedly punched in the face- breaking his nose in the process. That  alleged incident  is said to be what is making  jail Chris’  home for all of this month and the majority of next month. (more…)

Charlamagne Tha God Responds To Kayne’s Onstage Smash On Him Filed In: Feuding Celebrities,Troubled Celebs 15


After Kayne West went onstage at one of his recent concerts  smashing on radio DJ’s  Sway of  Sway In The Morning  and Charlamagne Tha God of  The Breakfast Club - we thought Charlamagne would be Charlamagne in responding to Kayne’s insults in the most vicious way in making Kayne not feel like a “man” anymore, but Charlamagne is clearly having fun with this clown we call Kayne West and why shouldn’t he. Here is what Charlamagne tweeted after Kayne’s uncalled for outburst:


The question now is.. could Kayne West be a coward!? he had the chance to confront Charlamagne and Sway in the way he did onstage when he had his separate interviews with the two but choose not to. Looks like Kayne just like to hear himself talk. One of the signs when someone is just not getting enough personal love or feel like the need to always be the center of attention.