Kenya Moore Responds After RHOA Reunion Airs Filed In: Reality T.V. 24


Kenya Moore is such a queen. You would think that rounding off to her 50′s that the reality television star would take responsibility for her actions, move on from the past, and stop blaming the past for her actions today.

During the taping of the Reunion Episode for the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I was violently attacked by Porsha Williams. The episode, which aired tonight, Sunday, April 20, 2014, was taped in front of an audience of over 50 people, which included cast, crew, guests and executives, who served as witnesses. I called 911 to report the incident. The Atlanta police conducted an independent investigation, which included viewing the raw footage of the incident. As a result, Porsha Williams was charged with battery.

The authorities will decide her fate, not me.
There are many inflammatory statements made by cast members to and about each other particularly during the reunion tapings. Many have made untrue, denigrating, disparaging, and inflammatory statements against me in an attempt to provoke me, but I have never reacted in a violent way. My intellect and my brain are my most powerful weapons—not my fists. If people get so angry that they lose control and admittedly “black out” and resort to violence, those persons must be held responsible for their actions. Being a cast member on a reality show does not absolve people of their rights.

After being repeatedly attacked by an abusive boyfriend at the age of 17, if someone puts their hands on me, I will not just let it go. With that said, I sought self-defense training developed for the Israeli military. I’ve also been trained in weapons. I can take someone down in three moves. It took discipline for me not to respond in kind. As violent responses escalate, they can quickly result in severe injury or even death.
Being the second Black woman to be crowned Miss USA, there are little girls who look up to me. I would never want those girls, my nieces, or my future children to see me fighting anyone. That’s the lesson we should all want to send, especially to young people—that no matter how angry someone makes you feel by what they say to or about you, violence is never an option. #stoptheviolence 


Kenya Moore’s Financial Status Comes To Surface: Reports Kenya Broke Filed In: Celebrities,Reality T.V. 23


Oh gosh- the news of Kenya Moore‘s lies are just building and building, and we know not everything being reported are often not true about celebrities, but when the reporting are consistent and being backed by many- we have to question that person’s character. According to  Radar Online- Kenya is far from rich as she portrays to the world, as a matter of fact- she is reportedly going through some financial problems. It’s even worse- if you have been a vivid viewer of RHOA and saw Kenya in those expensive cars and in a pound of luxury many of us dream about- well, it appears that Kenya was dreaming as much as were, because those expensive things in Kenya’s life is said to be belong to her. It’s really surprising- because we thought all the nice things in Kenya’s life really belongs to her, but no- here is what is being said:

Kenya  is basically broke and she doesn’t have any money, a source close to the Bravo star told Radar. Most of the things that she shows off, like purses or cars, don’t belong to her.


Kandi Burruss’ Baby Mission Is On With Todd Tucker Filed In: Celebrities,Reality T.V. 22


Business intact, money rolling in, song-writing flowing, mansion;check, a good man; done,  marriage; completed…now Kandi is ready to get knocked up once again. Since the completion of her marriage to Todd who is reportedly worth and estimated $200,000, Kandi worth an estimated $35 million is working on getting pregnant by Todd. Here is what she recently said:

We’re trying now for a baby!  Kandi exclusively tells the new issue of In Touch. We haven’t succeeded yet. If it happens today, then we’re good with it.


{Video} RHOA Reunion Is Here! Filed In: Reality T.V. 21


The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion that is probably the most talked about in the franchises history is finally here. Why? Porsha Williams beating down Kenya Moore. We don’t condone violence, but we will say that Kenya deserved what she got.

It’s true what Porsha said, she has been through a lot and Kenya really pushed her to the edge of violence. Even the most diplomatic person has a limit. Our conclusion- we don’t think anyone is going to get fired from RHOA- meaning Porsha and Kenya; they will both be back. That’s our prediction. Makes for good television at the end of the day. And, after all- RHOA is a business. But, we don’t think the fight was scripted. Although Porsha has done some acting- she is not that good of an actress yet.

Kenya Moore’s African Prince Doesn’t Exist Says RHOA Cast; Kenya Reacts Filed In: Reality T.V.,Romance 21


The story of Kenya’s African Prince…If you have been in-tune to the RHOA episodes- you might have heard Kenya Moore mention her secret African Prince who is rich and takes care of her needs, but for some reason is not willing to get her pregnant. So much so that Kenya went to a sperm bank looking at her options. It all didn’t doesn’t makes sense to us, because… well you know. If Kenya has a man, an African Prince as she puts it- what is the deal ? This man according to her is a good man, provides for her and wants all the things she desires in life, so why would he have her go to a sperm bank instead of putting in the work himself in knocking her up, and why have we not seen this man, Kenya’s African Prince.

Looks like the truth is slowly simmering to the top, and Kenya is losing control in keeping a lid on it, because Kenya’s African Prince, the man she has been boasting about all season on RHOA doesn’t exist. During the RHOA reunion- Porsha stated that Kenya is lying about having an African Prince, saying that she instead tried to pay some  African singer $15,000 to be her man. Viewers of RHOA have said they don’t believe Kenya’s African Prince exist, and all Kenya has to do to put this to rest is reveal him and case closed, but here is what she had to say:

I don’t have a need to prove anything to anyone.