Porsha Williams At Night Club After Posting Bail

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Yes, that is Porsha Williams at the night club after posting bail on a misdemeanor assault charge. I don’t know what Porsha Williams looks like minus the heavy make-up, but I can say that her body is on fire. Porsha was spotted out at a night spot not too long after handing herself over to Atlanta authorities as an arrest warrant was issued for her assault on Kenya Moore at the  RHOA reunion. Porsha Williams at the night club after posting bail displays more to the feeling by many that everything that went down to Kenya filing a police report was staged. But, it looks like everything  is concrete from here, because according to a source, Porsha is reportedly hoping that Kenya will drop the charges. From  Hollywood Life: (more…)

Porsha Williams Nervous Of RHOA Pink Slip After Beating Up Kenya Moore

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Porsha Williams  Mugshots  maybe all smilesand she may display this at the entertainment night spots, but the reality television star is reportedly sweating in her panties as she awaits an answer on if she will be fired from RHOA or not. Just weeks ago Porsha Williams attacked Kenya Moore at the RHOA reunion, which had Kenya running for the phone and calling 911. Yes, it’s what reality television has come to. Kenya felt at the time after Porsha attacked her and they both were separated and in different rooms that she was still in danger and calling 911 was necessary.

Keep in mind that 911 is a place for cases of fire, death and emergency in being rescued from a harmful situation. Kenya’s 911 call on Porsha was far from all the labels as to when we should be calling 911. Since Kenya’s call to 911 on Porsha, and reportedly video evidence displaying that Porsha indeed re-arranged her hair, face and dress in a violent manner- Atlanta police charged Porsha Williams with a misdemeanor charge of assault.  The  RHOA reunion sneak peak  showcases Porsha Williams pulling on Kenya’s hair, dragging her across the floor as security tried desperately to break-up the fight and a whole lot of muted cussing. What is quite interesting just from the RHOA sneak peak is seeing Kenya being more protective of her loud horn during the fight than her body. Since the fight with Kenya… a source seems to feel that Kenya got the best of Porsha Williams, reportedly saying this according to an insider: (more…)

Charges Against Porsha Williams Pending After Arrest Warrant Issued

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According to reports- charges against Porsha Williams  are pending for the express beat-down she delivered to loud-box reality television cast-mate Kenya Moore. Porsha must be kicking herself right now for not taking that  Kordell Stewart money in the divorce. There is no question she will need some serious cash for that steal sliding door to open for admission back to the free world in heading to that comfy bachelorette pad. Atlanta police are said to have issued an arrest warrant for Porsha  due to a police report Kenya made  against Porsha for humiliating her on national television for attacking her like a wild cat. (more…)

Kim Kardashian Denies 6 Hours A Day Spa Treatment

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Six hours a day spa treatments is what this woman is said to be doing now.Kim Kardashian  seemingly is once again proving that she has no job, and is just a woman who has hit to lottery of Hollywood idiots and business owners looking to pay her a pretty penny to show her plastic surgery looking face at their establishment.

In case you didn’t know…Kim made her way to fame after a sex tape she created with R&B singer went public to the world. I have yet to see the tape, but I am told that it’s pretty bad…displaying a lazy Kim Kardashian that cannot perform. According to reports, while on vacation in Phuket, Thailand- allegedly, Kim had spa treatment for 6 hours a day. (more…)

RHOA Reunion Sneak Peak: Porsha Does Beat Down Kenya

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The RHOA reunion sneak peak really does show that “Kenya Moore is not a fighter,” she appears to be getting her butt kicked by Porsha Stewart Williams. It has been rumored for a long-time that there was a pending pink slip being created for Porsha to cut her from RHOA…and if we know this, then Porsha had to have known this as well. And knowing this-it looks like Porsha had her mind made up that she will not taking anymore of Kenya’s taunting, and belittling her and that the RHOA reunion show was going to be the place she would beat Kenya’s ass.

If we can get into Kenya’s mind for a minute- it looks like Kenya was saying, If they going to fire me… I might as well take the opportunity to knock this bitch Kenya out.  The RHOA reunion sneak peak cannot get anymore clear than that above- Porsha is cleaning the floor with Kenya and is about to make the bitch jump in the weave and wig must have add-ons before she leaves the house. (more…)