Toronto Raptors Hits Record High Of Wins Heading Into Post Season Filed In: Professional Sports 16


Who needs  Chris Bosh- the Toronto Raptors are progressing without him. The Toronto Raptors have taken a big turn ever since President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo who was demoted of his duties as the Raptor’s organization hired Masai Ujiri  as their new General Manager. Ujiri  made a few trades and as the Raptors began surging in the rankings Colangelo admitted to his desire of tanking the Raptors under his control…here is what he said:

Admittedly, I tried to tank a couple of years ago,” said Colangelo, who joined the Raptors in February 2006 after 15 years in Phoenix, including 11 years as the Suns’ general manager. “I didn’t come out and say, ‘Coach, you have to lose games. (more…)

OKC Player Russell Westbrook Takes Embarrassing Fall Blocking Pacer Shot On Dead Play Filed In: Humour,Professional Sports 15

As Russell Westbrook was implementing the Kevin Garnett rule- he embarrassingly fell on his ass as he blocked a basketball shot launched at his net by an Indiana Pacer player.

Garnett was the one to start the dead-ball block shot…which is when a basketball shot block when a player of the opposing team takes a practice shot on the opponents net when on-court play has been blown dead. The thought by Garnett is no easy shots on his net, and to avoid any opposing player getting in the rhythm of shooting well. Since Garnett brought the dead-ball block shot to the NBA- many players have consistently been doing it. The dead-ball block talked about players who experienced it from the inventor- Kevin Garnet… Garnett also touches on why he does it :

Serena Williams’ Curvy Body On Display For Fitness Magazine Filed In: Celebs On Mags,Professional Sports 15

Serena Williams' Curvy Body

Many women will die for tennis super star Serena Williams’ curvy body and we must say- we are happy that she embraces it, especially in a place like the Hollywood Gossip mongers where  the machines tells women directly and indirectly that they need to look like twigs, because that is the new sexy. Well, it’s not…and men love a woman with curves, plus, it’s a much healthier look. On the latest issue of Fitness Magazine as spotted over at the Daily Mail  Serena Williams’ curvy body cannot be missed, and she touched on how she has come to embrace her assets, what she said: (more…)

Lamar Odom New York Knicks Next Big Man? Phil Jackson Contemplating Filed In: Professional Sports 15


Lamar Odom New York Knicks signing? if it happens- this is probably his last chance to prove himself as belonging in the NBA. We don’t know if this is a good idea though by Knick’s new president Phil Jackson to consider. Because how can a man who still loves his wife(as Odom) concentrate on his job when the woman he is separated from whom he still loves is running around with different men all hours of the night. Khloe dating French Montana  is said to be driving Odom crazy.  So, how can he focus on basketball right now… it would not be a wise move for Jackson in signing Lamar Odom to the New York Knicks. According to the New York Post:

TORONTO — Knicks president Phil Jackson met with former Laker Lamar Odom 10 days ago at the Garden during halftime of the game against the Nets, and now is reportedly considering signing Odom for the final couple of games with the team’s open roster spot. (more…)

Manny Pacquiao Knocks Block Off Timothy Bradley Filed In: Professional Sports 13


Manny Pacquiao has once again proved that he still got it, and is ready for  Floyd Mayweather  whenever he calms down his shaky legs to step in the ring.  In 2012- Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley  in a controversial conclusion, but made sure this time that there was no doubt in the mind of all three judges who were left responsible for judging the bout.  The fight was captured by many urban celebrity news outlets and of course by mainstream media. Anyone wondering if Manny Pacquiao still got and continue further in his career- he has answered those questions by kicking Bradley’s ass, and Pacquiao this to say after the fight:

I proved tonight that my journey in boxing will continue

It’s crazy that anyone would question Manny Pacquiao’s fighting ability- the guy has won 56 of his 63 fights…and yes we do believe the discipline Pacquiao has what it takes to take down the cocky Floyd Mayweather. After the his lost to Manny Pacquiao- Bradley confirmed the difficulty in beating greatness saying: (more…)