Nicki Minaj Looks For Your Attention Filed In: Celebrities,Outrageous 23


The burning fire of interest in Nicki Minaj is about to blow out, and knowing this, Nicki jumps on Twitter in trying to garner the attention of the public by showing off a topless photo exposing her fake tits. We don’t have 100% proof of Nicki’s breast being fake, but they sure does not look natural to us… looks like she has had some secret breast implant work done.

Nicki’s entire body is in question; her butt, her face and hips are all said to have gone under the knife. Nicki claims that the topless photo of her was from a photo-shoot last year for W Magazine… but still, can someone say attention seeker.

Florida Woman Throws Racist Slurs At Dunkin’ Donuts Employees Over Not Receiving Receipt Filed In: Outrageous 14

Warning !!! bad language!!!

It’s unfortunate that racism still exist in the world today, and what happened to a few staff at Dunkin Donuts just makes us feel even more terrible in what they had to put up with from a closed-minded, arrogant, ignorant, senseless woman(Taylor Chapman). Chapman a resident of Florida felt the need to go to Dunkin Donuts to ride the ass of employees for not giving her a receipt after purchasing her items. Well, it was really one staff but other staff had to hear her stupidity as well.

We will be brief, because Chapman gives her indepth-ignorant reason for her actions in the video above as to why she is acting the way she is… but it goes like this, Chapman returned to a Dunkin’ Donuts shop to complain to a male employee about his colleague not giving her a receipt after her purchase, yes, a receipt. The encounter was such a painful one for us to watch in these employees having to put up with the racist, ignorant attitude from this woman who felt she was so right in what she was doing. Chapman boasted in getting sooo much support from people on Facebook for her actions, but surprisingly she shut down that same “Facebook support system” after public backlash. We just hope that Dunkin Donuts bans her from their store.

Ford Pulls Ad Of Kardashians Tide And Duct-Taped In Car Trunk Filed In: Outrageous,Reality T.V. 26


Well, it looks like we are not alone in our desire for the Kardashian clan to disappear. An ad above drawn up by JWT India for Ford Figo sees Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe in the back of a car trunk tied and duct-taped while Paris Hilton sits in the front of the car with a smile on her face. Ford places Paris in a position of revenge on the Kardashians in riding them from this world-allowing her the route to get back on top in the reality show world and in fav of the public eye once again. That’s the story we see anyway from looking at the ad.

In the ad a line read:

It was one of a series of drawings with the tag line: “Leave your worries behind with Figo’s extra large boot.”

Because of the sensitive world we now live in, Ford not only pulled the ad but also issued an apology for the ad saying: (more…)

Michelle Williams “Racist” AnOther Magazine Display Filed In: Featured Post,Outrageous 12


Is it racist ?

Actress Michelle Williams has landed herself in hot water after she decided to dress like a Native American on AnOther, a British Magazine. As can be seen above, Williams wears feather in her hair along with beads and braids displaying the traditional display of natives. Williams’ AnOther Magazine display is being labelled racist and sterotypical and has been wheeling in a lot of heat. (more…)

Amazon Selling Slogan T-Shirts Saying “Keep Calm And Rape A Lot” Get Backlash Filed In: Featured Post,Outrageous 5

amazon rap a lot t-shirt

Just unbelievable! You got to be the most ignorant person to create and sell a shirt that says Keep Calm and Rape A Lot. Believe it, what you are looking at above is no joke. And why would Amazon create such an offensive, insensitive, ignorant t-shirt, here is why:

Amazon was asked to make a “substantial donation” to a woman’s refuge on Saturday night after its UK website offered T-shirts for sale promoting rape and violence against women.  The T-shirts, which were also manufactured and sold in the U.S., included slogans were spun off the phrase, “Keep Calm and Carry On”, a famous British propaganda slogan and included shirts that read: “Keep Calm and Hit Her”, “Keep Calm and Rape a Lot” and “Keep Calm and Rape  Them” for $23–$26.

Well, they and others sure will think twice next time before asking Amazon for any future donation. Since receiving much backlash, Amazon have come to their senses and have pulled the shirts from its sale line-up. Thoughts ?