Woman Flings Shoes At Hillary Clinton, Only Missed Cause Of Bad Aiming

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Woman launches shoes at Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas just nearly missed the former Secretary of State. It’s not the first time we have seen a  shoe thrown at a political figure, but it’s the first we have seen with such speed and timing. The only thing off was the target. The shoe toss at Hillary Clinton was quite surprising as she is probably one of the most loved politician in the country and probably the world.

Even thinking of throwing a feather on Hillary Clinton- we just couldn’t. Did Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband bang that woman and kicked her to the curb and she can’t  get close to Mr Clinton so she is taking it out on Hillary ? Are Hillary and this woman having a secret, personal cat-fight that just got blown over in the public ? Because these are just the only things we could think of as to why this woman would  launch  her shoe at Hillary’s head.

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Another African American Teenager In Route For Ivy School Acceptance Letters

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 Akintunde Ahmad

Now, here is something CNN will not blast all over their network or website, an achievable African American teenager who is a student with carrying a 5.0. Just recently we posted the accomplishments of another  African American student gaining acceptance letters from all eight Ivy league schools  he applied to, and now here we have another African American student excelling in school on route to ivy league schools. From Necole Bitchie: (more…)

Black Youth Accepted To Eight Ivy League School Does Top Ten List On Letterman

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This is so refreshing… a black teenager was accepted to all eight Ivy league schools he applied to. He only of course can go to one school, but knowing the reality of how difficult it’s in getting accepted in to college- this black teenager applied to all ivy league colleges to increase his chances of getting one acceptance.

But, bam! all eight ivy league schools accepted the African American student, and now he is the talk of the states… and when Letterman brings you in to do the Top Ten List- you know you’re a big deal. Just the thing that happened to Kwasi Enin above. And, the story of him as spotted over at  Sandra Rose:

17-year-old Kwasi Enin of Long Island, NY has been accepted to all 8 prestigious Ivy League colleges — Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale.
Most over-achieving students apply to Ivy league schools in the hopes that they will be accepted by at least one. Only to have their dreams crushed when their applications are denied because they are too smart.
Kwasi scored an impressive 2250 out of 2400 on the SAT. But his extra-curricular activities proved he is more than just a book worm.

London Woman Gets Stuck In Drain After Going In After Her Phone

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lodon woman gets stuck in drain after going in after her fallen cell phone

How much do you love your phone and how far would you go to retrieve it after it falls down a drain ? A London woman proved how valuable her cell phone is by going down a drain and getting stuck in the process in trying to retrieve her fallen cell phone.

Baby Sling Kills Infant Of Suffocation Even After Mother Follows Carry Direction

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You may want to think twice before using this baby sling. A mother who followed the appropriate direction in how to properly carry her 5 weeks old son was devastated when she found her son had died of suffocation in being carried in the sling. From  BBC:

Marianne Matthews’ son Eric died after a 10-minute outing on Christmas Eve last year, the inquest heard.

In his narrative verdict, coroner Richard Brittain said Mrs Matthews’ use of the sling had not been inappropriate or incorrect.

Parents have since been urged to be extra vigilant before using slings. (more…)