OKC Player Russell Westbrook Takes Embarrassing Fall Blocking Pacer Shot On Dead Play

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As Russell Westbrook was implementing the Kevin Garnett rule- he embarrassingly fell on his ass as he blocked a basketball shot launched at his net by an Indiana Pacer player.

Garnett was the one to start the dead-ball block shot…which is when a basketball shot block when a player of the opposing team takes a practice shot on the opponents net when on-court play has been blown dead. The thought by Garnett is no easy shots on his net, and to avoid any opposing player getting in the rhythm of shooting well. Since Garnett brought the dead-ball block shot to the NBA- many players have consistently been doing it. The dead-ball block talked about players who experienced it from the inventor- Kevin Garnet… Garnett also touches on why he does it :

Wendy Williams Surprise McDonald’s Customers At Drive-Thru Window

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Imagine arriving at a McDonald’s drive-thru and see Wendy Williams and Ross Mathews there. That’s just what happened for a bunch of McDonald’s customers as Wendy Williams was right there to make their day a surprise and that much better.

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The black actor who just refuses to date black women is back with another white woman- The Ybf 

The body of Jennifer Lopez in her 40′s- Just Jared

Kenya Moore accused of faking dog’s death- Crunk Disorderly 

New Nicki Minaj song- Mrs Grapevine 

Jimmy Kimmel Have Drake Go Undercover Asking People What They Think ABout Drake

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Drake goes undercover asking people “what they think about Drake?” This is why we love Drake…he appreciates his life, fans and knows how to take a joke. Unlike some celebrities and rappers out there…Drake is willing to listen to the critics, and get out there mixing it up with the every day person. One of the hilarious part of the interview comes at the 4:20 mark when the guy was asked by an undercover Drake:

I’m Drake, so what would I say to myself

The guy responds not getting it that he is speaking to Drake, and says :

What would you say to yourself

Drake responds:


The guy says again:

What would you say to yourself

An undercover Drake again says:

What would I say to myself cause I am Drake, so I would say…what would I say to myself

The guy then responds to what he would say

I’m an idiot

It’s funny because here is a man that tells an undercover Drake that he thinks Drake is an idiot, but then could not get the many hints by an undercover Drake that he is actually speaking to Drake. So many direct hints and the man still could not get it. Now who is the idiot.


A Charity Pitch That Says “F— the poor” Gains Backlash But Turns Out To Be Public True Behavior

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Warning! foul language

A U.K. charity conducted a social experience aimed at the poor, which said “F— the poor,” and as can be expected it received much backlash. The social experiment initiated by U.K. charity  The Philon Trust got a man to go out with the shock and awe board displaying the words F— the poor, and later on they had him put on a sign that said Help the poor.

It all comes full circle… when the man wears the sign saying F— the poor, many were offended including a police officer, but when he wore the sign which said Help the poor- no one dropped any change in his can. So, essentially the message is the public doesn’t give a damn about the poor enough to drop some spare change, so in tern the first sign reflects the public’s thinking of the poor. 

Dutch Reporter Falls Over Board During Interview With Mayor

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We don’t know how long this Dutch reporter has been on the job, but if you tell us that she is a veteran- this, this would be difficult to believe. While interviewing a mayor- the Dutch reporter tried to be smooth by doing the cool lean, but failed miserably and fell over-board into the water.

“Quick” attempts then were made to pull the reporter out of the water.The camera man swings his mic to the reporter in what looks more like to capture every response of her chilling voice to place in the capsule.

Can’t see the video ? Go over to  You-Tube